8430 IP Stereo Pair

Detailed, truthful performance with AES67 compatibility. The 8430A enables direct monitoring of AoIP streams, so is perfect for broadcast environments that need Genelec monitors integrated seamlessly into the IP workflow.

Products in this solution:

2 × 8430A

Products in this solution



104 dB

Frequency Response

45 Hz - 23 kHz (-6dB)


H 299 x W 189 x D 178 mm, with Iso-Pod™ (view in inches)

Key Technologies

Audio-over-IP (AoIP)

Smart Active Monitoring (SAM™) and GLM™ calibration technology

Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW™) Technology

Active Crossovers

Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS™) Technology

Iso-Pod™ Stand

Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE™) Technology

Optimised Amplifiers

Protection Circuitry

Reflex Port Design

Versatile Mountings

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Genelec products are designed to be used indoors and in spaces that have controlled temperature and humidity. In hot and tropical countries, broadcasting stations, radio, TV and recording studios usually have air conditioning systems to keep such environmental factors under control. It is not recommended, for example, to use Genelec products in an environment where the ambient temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius (86 F). More details on the environmental requirements are available from the Genelec factory on request.