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To fire up your inspiration, why not try out our compact Smart Active Monitors - with no obligation - for 10 days in the comfort of your own environment? By intelligently adapting to your room, these monitors will help you produce better sounding content that will translate beautifully to the outside world.

Who can sign up?

Musicians, DJs, audio engineers, producers, sound designers, vloggers, videographers and more. If you’re creative and you work with sound, we’d love to hear from you.

How does it work?

We’ll deliver the monitors to a participating Genelec dealer as part of a complete Pro at Home system, and they’ll help coordinate the logistics and finalise the details of your 10 day trial. At the end of the trial period, the dealer will arrange to collect the system from you – it’s that simple.

Because what you’ll hear from the 8330s will be influenced by your room's acoustics, the included GLM software will enable the 8330s to adapt to your space and will help compensate for any imperfections in the way your room sounds. By quickly analysing your room and automatically calibrating the 8330s, GLM will ensure that you are hearing the most accurate, truthful mixes possible. This means that your audience can finally get to experience your creativity exactly as you want it to be heard!

Start creating & share the love. 

When you get a taste of what it means to have your very own sonic reference - and how it can help feed your creativity and improve your mixes - we hope that you’ll share your Genelec experience with fellow content creators and followers.

Ready to create with Genelec?

Simply fill out the registration form below and we’ll be in touch. Our participating dealer may need to take your credit card details for security, and please note that this offer is currently only available in Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, and United Kingdom, subject to stock availability.

Read the terms and conditions here.

The Genelec Pro at Home system includes:

  • One pair of 8330 Smart Active Monitors in RAW finish
  • GLM room calibration kit
  • Mic stand
  • Set of connecting cables
  • All packed in a protective, hard-shell PELI case

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