F One (B) Active Subwoofer

The Genelec F One (B) is a very compact active subwoofer designed to complement a pair of Genelec G One, G Two or G Three systems. When used in 5.1 and connected to surround preamplifier its performance is a perfect match for up to five Genelec G One active loudspeakers.


Versatile connections make it a hub where for example TV, streamer, etc. sources can be connected through optical, coaxial or analogue inputs.Its elegant and minimalistic design provides outstanding performance and extends an audio system's bass response down to 35 Hz. The playback level for the whole audio system, is conveniently controlled by the wireless volume control provided with the F One (B) active subwoofer. It’s also capable of learning IR remote control commands or additionally a wired volume knob can be connected (option).

It also features an integrated bass management for two main channels which directs the frequencies below 85 Hz to the subwoofer and higher frequencies through the outputs for the main active loudspeakers.

Production of F One (B) starts in August 2019

Technical specifications

100 dB
Frequency response
35 Hz - 85 Hz (-6 dB) / LFE 35 Hz - 120 Hz (-6 dB)
Driver dimension
6 1/2 inch
Amplifier power
40 W
H 256 x D 305 mm, 10 1/12 x 12 inch
5.6 kg / 12.3 lb
Optical, coaxial, RCA & 3.5 mm inputs, RCA analog outputs