Smart IP Manager

Powerful software that provides total control of Smart IP networked loudspeaker systems.

To address the specific needs of installers, Smart IP Manager offers an array of software tools focused on solving specific installation audio problems – including device discovery, room equalisation, system organisation and status monitoring. This saves installers a substantial amount of working time and ensures that Smart IP loudspeaker systems always perform with outstanding clarity and speech intelligibility – even in acoustically challenging environments.

Smart IP Manager software is specifically designed to be used by installers during the system set-up, and allows the configuration of almost unlimited numbers of rooms, zones, loudspeakers and audio channels. After which, a public API command set allows Smart IP speakers to then be integrated into house automation systems ¬– enabling end user control of simple parameters including volume, power on/off, loudspeaker activity and a section of pre-programmed settings.

To help cope with challenging acoustic environments, Smart IP Manager integrates with the loudspeaker’s internal DSP to enable the analysis and corrective equalisation of any detrimental room acoustics, along with control of delay and level alignment. Internal memory within the speaker then provides instant recall of settings, allowing fast and accurate deployment in any environment.

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