Need Help and Advice With Setting Up Your Monitors?

If you’re looking for some guidance on how to position and set up your monitors, then check out the latest version of our Monitor Setup Guide.

Where you locate your monitors in your room can have a profound effect on how you hear your material - and how well your mixes translate to other systems - so time invested in careful positioning and calibration is time well spent.

For instance, did you know that the LF response of your monitor might be boosted by 6dB when placed against a solid wall, or 12dB in a corner – making it easy to produce mixes that sound bass-light when played on other systems?

Were you aware that placing your monitors half-way between the floor and ceiling should be avoided?

Why should your two-way monitors be placed vertically, and not horizontally? And where on earth do you put your subwoofer?

Relax. Available as a short downloadable PDF, the Monitor Setup Guide gives you simple expert advice on how to tackle all of these issues, and of course, the beauty of Genelec monitors is that their rear panel DIP switches allow you to compensate for some of the nasties that your room can sometimes throw at you.

So go ahead, download the guide here – and good luck!