AES York Welcomes new Genelec Aural ID

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null AES York Welcomes new Genelec Aural ID

AES York Welcomes new Genelec Aural ID

26. - 28.3.2019

Last month’s AES Conference on Immersive and Interactive Audio took place at York University in the UK, and set out to explore the unique space where interactive technologies and immersive audio meet - and exploit the synergies between these fields.

Genelec was proud to be a headline sponsor of the three-day event, which completely sold out in advance, and attracted visitors from all over the world to learn, discuss and share knowledge.

With personalised audio and heightened levels of immersion being widely talked about at the conference, this was the perfect place for us to introduce our new Aural ID software technology – which analyses the acoustical properties of the user’s head, upper torso and external ear to deliver a much more accurate presentation of space and direction via their headphones.

Since we anticipate that those working in academic research, immersive audio monitoring, VR and games development are probable early adopters of the new Aural ID technology, we were delighted to see so many delegates visiting our listening room to find out more about the new technology and have their features scanned by our Aural ID team.

Additionally, our R&D director Aki Mäkivirta explained the science behind Aural ID during a special presentation to the conference, with a lively Q&A session afterwards.

Of course, York was also the ideal place to showcase our growing range of immersive monitoring solutions, so we made excellent use of the live area of the University’s Trevor Jones Studio – where we created a 7.1.4 immersive system comprising the S360, 8351, 8341 and 7380 SAM models, optimised for the room using our GLM calibration software.

Alongside our rolling program of immersive monitor demonstrations, we were delighted to host workshops and tutorials from a range of respected figures including Agnieszka  Roginska, Jian Kang, Hyunkook Lee, Florian Camerer, Helmut Wittek and Jeffrey Levison.

As an organisation, the AES have a real skill in bringing together extremely well-informed audio professionals in a relaxed, friendly environment – and York was no exception. The team there couldn’t have been more helpful, and we left the conference excited, encouraged and inspired!

Thank you to everyone who visited us.

Contemporary Music Research Centre, University of York

Health Centre, Heslington Ln, Heslington, York YO10 5DD, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta York United Kingdom