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Expo 2020 Dubai

1.10. - 31.3.2022

Visitors to the rescheduled Expo 2020 Dubai can experience eighty-four Genelec Smart IP loudspeakers forming an immersive sound array in Finland’s stunning Snow Cape Pavilion, including a ten-channel loudspeaker system that will reproduce specially commissioned sound art by Finnish composer Emilia Takayama, entitled ‘The Land of Snow’.

Within the Pavilion, over 100 Finnish companies will be presenting world-class solutions in areas such as natural resources and energy, ICT and digitalisation, smart cities, technology, education, health, design and tourism. The Pavilion will focus on ‘Sharing Future Happiness’ by highlighting the symbiosis of people, pure nature and technology. Visitors will be taken on a journey through Finland’s key strengths: education and know-how, functionality and wellbeing, and nature and sustainability.

Inside, seventy-four 4430 Smart IP loudspeakers are located in the exhibition area, configured as a custom immersive array, while the other ten 4430s will be handling The Land of Snow sound art content in ‘The Gorge’ area of the building. The entire system is fed via Dante and powered using standard PoE+ network switches, and was designed by Genelec and commissioned by GSL Professional in Dubai, Genelec’s local distribution partner. The system installation and programming were handled by Audico Systems from Finland.

The marriage of Smart IP technology and Emilia Takayama’s sound art makes a particularly pleasing and natural combination, since The Land of Snow represents the Finnish seasons of the year, creating an immersive atmosphere through instrumentation, melody, and harmony - plus sound recordings of nature, which are embedded into the composition.

The Expo is open until 31st March 2022, so why not come and experience the very best of what Finland has to offer?


Expo 2020 Dubai

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