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G Livelab Helsinki

The sound system includes the 1236 SAM™ Studio Monitor, 1237 SAM™ Studio Monitor, 8430 IP SAM™ Studio Monitor and several other models from the Genelec product range.

The new 150 seat club joins the Helsinki music scene offering its customers a well-rounded musical experience. The first artists booked include top names from both Finland and abroad.

Helsinki welcomes a new edition to its club scene with G Livelab launching at the corner of Pieni Robertinkatu and Yrjönkatu. The 150 seat club can be modified to suit a wide array of styles and the bookings include top names in a variety of genres.

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G Livelab is designed by Marco Casagrande. The space is built around the elements typically found in a city: brick, concrete, asphalt, glass, copper, steel, leather, ceramics and plants. These elements have been repurposed and woven together in inspiring new ways with artisanal handicraft. The end-result is multi-dimensional, multi-temporal and multisensory.

G Livelab is owned by The Finnish Musicians’ Union and managed by Livelaboratorio Ltd with Tanja Douglass as managing director. The Livelab board consists Ahti Vänttinen (chair), Markus Nordenstreng, Jukka Perko, Maija Vilkkumaa, Minna Pensola, Matti Lappalainen, Mari Kärkkäinen and Matti Nives. Nives also heads the booking team with Pensola and Nordenstreg as members. Other team include Katariina Uusitupa as producer, Kimmo Antikainen as technical producer and Jussi Orbinski as restaurant manager.

“After a long time in the making, it’s thrilling to be able to show G Livelab to the public”, says Tanja Douglass. “We hope that the club takes its place in the Helsinki cultural landscape and contributes to widening the scope of it. G Livelab is a meeting place where diverse high-quality music finds its audience in the right surroundings. Our ideology is that the club must provide the right setting for each performance to reach its potential in the best possible way.“

Fully equipped with Genelec sound system

The original idea of achieving the best sounding live music venue steered the owners to select Genelec's large 3-way SAM™ monitors to fulfill the sonic requirements.

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The end result is outstanding. The audience can enjoy the live music with finest details without experiencing the typical weaknesses of ordinary music clubs, phenomenons like a too loud PA system and unevenly sounding listening places inside the venue.

The sound system includes the 1236 SAM™ Studio Monitor, 1237 SAM™ Studio Monitor, 8430 IP SAM™ Studio Monitor and several other models from Genelec product range.

The unique virtual acoustics system

The unique virtual acoustics system puts the final touches to G Livelab's magnificent musical experience.

The virtual acoustics system at G Livelab is a unique in the world. It consists of 42 Genelec 8430 IP SAM™ Studio Monitors, out of which 8 are on the stage area and 32 in the audience area.

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The system takes input from six microphones in the ceiling of the stage or from the stereo auxiliary output directly from the desk. Thus, the virtual acoustics can be used with a purely acoustic act, but also with an amplified act together with a normal PA system. The input signals are fed to a custom made 64-channel time-variant feedback delay network that generates natural reverberation, which is routed to the 42 virtual acoustics loudspeakers. The outputs are delayed according to the position of each loudspeaker to guarantee the proper localization of sound sources on the stage. The reverberation can be adjusted so that the space sounds anything from a dry bar up to a cathedral. In addition, the levels of reverberation on the stage and in the audience area can be separately adjusted to optimize both the support for the musicians and the spatial sound for the audience.

When the virtual acoustics system is properly used, the spectators of a live gig cannot even notice it. People just feel the space is live and intimate, while the focus stays on the act on the stage. The virtual acoustics help the mixing engineers to keep the main PA signals clear, as the system allows the distribution of reverb equally to the whole audience area. Therefore, each act from a string quartet to a hard core metal band can be optimally mixed to fit in to the venue.

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2 x 1236A SAM™ Studio Monitor
14 x 1237A SAM™ Studio Monitor
42 x 8430A IP SAM™ Studio Monitor
4 x 8030B Studio Monitor
7 x 4020B Installation Speaker
6 x G One Active Speaker
2 x F One Active Subwoofer

The models 8030B and 4020B have been replaced with the upgraded models 8030C and 4020C.

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