null Meetech Provides Precise Sound with Genelec

Meetech Provides Precise Sound with Genelec

Meetech chose to install a host of Genelec speakers throughout Norrsken House; on the walls of interior spaces and meeting rooms, attached to trusses, and even hidden in sofas.

Norrsken House is a social hub for driven tech entrepreneurs that aim to tackle global issues.

The non-profit Norrsken Foundation, founded by Niklas Adalberth from e-commerce company Klarna, invests in social tech companies that try to make the world a better place with the help of technology.

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Located in Spårvagnshallarna in downtown Stockholm, Norrsken House is a 2400 m² creative cluster which brings together more than 300 social tech entrepreneurs under the same roof. As part of a flexible and powerful audiovisual system, integrator Meetech chose to install a host of Genelec speakers throughout Norrsken House; on the walls of interior spaces and meeting rooms, attached to trusses, and even hidden in sofas. The speaker setup – which includes more than 30 of Genelec’s 4000 Series loudspeakers – delivers a comprehensive audio solution to serve a variety of applications with the clear and precise sound that Genelec has become synonymous with.

"When it came to sound, we were very quick to choose Genelec."

“Meetech is a proud partner of Norrsken Foundation and Norrsken House, and we were given the opportunity to help them with all visual and sound technology. When it came to sound, we were very quick to choose Genelec,” says Christian Otterberg, one of the owners of Meetech. “Its product design fits this industrial environment really well. But also because of the very quick service they can provide and their great flexibility. We were very short on time and they really came through for us, big time.”

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The majority of the premises is made up of open plan office space, which has been fitted with image and sound solutions for the workstations. Complete audiovisual solutions have been installed in 18 meeting rooms in the form of screens, speakers, table wells and control systems, and the AV cabinets have been specially designed for Norrsken House. The common area has been equipped with audio and signage screens, and the Photo Studio has been kitted out with screens, 3D printing, VR technology and photography equipment.

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The uniform look of the Genelec speakers helped Meetech to maintain aesthetic continuity across the multi-purpose space, whilst providing different levels of power as required. Thanks to Genelec’s Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW™), off axis frequency response is precise, which made the loudspeakers an ideal choice for this acoustically challenging environment. A wide offering of accessories meant that an array of mounting solutions were available to Meetech, something which helped greatly in this unique installation.

"Here especially, the Genelec simplicity stands out."

“Spårvagnshallarna is classified as a cultural heritage project and that means that you can’t just do anything you want when rebuilding, so we have had to be a bit creative,” adds Christian. “We placed speakers in places where you normally don’t expect to find speakers. We pulled cables through walls to properly hide installations and in order to make it interact nicely with the environment we also installed a truss in the events hall. You’ll find flying bass speakers, bass speakers hidden away in sofas or screwed onto metal ceilings. The technology is incredibly important for a company like this and here especially, the Genelec simplicity stands out. It’s been such a pleasure, and we get a lot of positive feedback.”

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Inside Norrsken House there are also two event areas. In the largest – the ‘Town Hall’ – a truss structure was mounted on the roof with a laser projector, large Genelec speakers and subwoofers, stage lights and projection screens. Meetech also installed a Crestron control system with touch panel, microphones and the first 98" Samsung screen in Europe.

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The end result was met with great enthusiasm from the team at Norrsken Foundation. “We are incredibly pleased. Meetech saw our needs more clearly than we did - not only did they deliver what we asked for, but understood our challenges and saw new solutions. They get 10 out of 10 from us,” said Frida Siwe, the Foundation’s CFO.


4 x 8050B Studio Monitor
2 x 7060B Studio Subwoofer
5 x 7040A Studio Subwoofer
34 x 4010A Installation Speaker
10 x 4030C Installation Speaker

The Genelec 7060B was in production between 2007 and 2016. It was replaced by the 7360A model.

Meetech Provides Precise Sound (English subtitles) | Genelec 4000 Series loudspeakers

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