null At Home with Grace Askew

At Home with Grace Askew

We caught up with Grace to chat about her home studio and her top tips for staying creative during lockdown…

Where are you based?

I’m a 6th generation Memphian but I’m currently living in the mountains of Corrales, New Mexico with my husband and 9 month old son, Wolf.

What inspired you to start making or recording music?

I've been doing it for around 18 years, and started when I first got a cheap little computer mic, at around age 15. I became obsessed with experimenting with layering vocals. Music, as a loner, became my best friend.

What was your first ever piece of recording gear?

A double cassette recorder.

What was the last piece of gear that you bought?

A new pair of Audio-Technica studio headphones, in a limited edition matte gray color.

Where in your home is your studio based, and were there any challenges in setting it up?

I finally have my own studio/office in this house in New Mexico. The main challenge was finding a desk large enough to fit my Genelec monitors, my Vintech 473, and my Ableton Push2 pad - with room left over still.

At Home with Grace Askew

Which Genelec models do you have?


What type of projects do you use your speakers for?

Listening back to any and all new personal music projects and collaborations with other artists, as well as editing my new "Daring to Suck" podcast. Oh, and of course, blasting Tom Waits through the hallway all day!

What you think of the speakers, and what do you like about them?

The first time I hooked them up and heard my own music on them, it was like getting swept away in the ocean - the speakers' power and clarity blew me away. I didn't know I could make music sound that good, in my own home studio!

Describe your perfect day in the studio.

Experimenting with new Ableton Push pad song ideas and creating my own new approach to a "Southwestern Gothic/DesertNoir" genre of music.

What’s your top tip for being creative at home?

Dare to suck. Be prolific over perfect, because your Muse wants to be used.

Which three artists would you love to collaborate with in a Zoom lockdown session?

Tom Waits, Ryan Bingham and Cat Power.

Have you picked up any new skills during lockdown?

Writing better vocal hooks when I collaborate with rap artists, and juggling being a Mom and an artist.

Since working at home, what has become your ’Desert Island’ piece of gear? What can’t you live without?

DEFINITELY my Aston "Origin" Microphone. It makes your voice sound like butter. The clarity and quality is astounding, especially for the price point.

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