null Genelec spends 24hrs with prolific Beijing Mix Engineer Allan Wang

Genelec spends 24hrs with prolific Beijing Mix Engineer Allan Wang

Genelec recently had the privilege of accompanying experienced Genelec user, Allan Wang, for some fascinating insight into his busy life as a Mixing Engineer and Higher Education Teacher in Beijing, China.

Despite his relatively young age, Allan is already a prolific figure in the Chinese audio engineering community, having published over 1000 songs and taught more than 2000 students.

In a culture where students have a strong say about whether their teachers will remain employed or not, Allan’s coveted 20-year teaching position at Beijing’s Contemporary Music Academy and his self-designed 20-hour workday leave no doubts about the strength of his dedication to audio craft and nurturing young talent. With grateful glee, Allan reminisces about the people and opportunities that have helped make him who he is - and sees his work as the best way of repaying the faith that others have shown in him.

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The work is totally different at the school and studio, and doing both keeps me balanced.

In this intriguing short documentary-style video, our team in China captured the essence of what it takes to be Allan Wang for 24 hours, with his total commitment to sound, family, work and students.

Allan powers his in-depth school lessons with a set of Genelec 8351B and 1238A Smart Active Monitors and supports his office work with a handy pair of 8020D two-way active monitors.

Simply click the play button below to watch the video.

Genelec | 24hrs with ultra-dedicated Beijing Mixing Engineer & Teacher Allan Wang

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