null Spain’s Drago Studios expands with Genelec

Spain’s Drago Studios expands with Genelec

Drago Studios, owned by the Secuoya Group, have just completed a major renovation of their facilities in Madrid, which now seals their position as the most advanced audiovisual production centre in Spain.

The multi-room project - which includes both immersive and 5.1 surround studios as well as a host of video edit suites - was handled by SES-Audio, and all 15 rooms feature Genelec Smart Active Monitoring.

Studio 1 - which has been awarded Dolby Atmos HE certification – features a 7.1.4 system based entirely on the 8341 coaxial monitors from The Ones series. Eleven 8341s handle the LCR, surround and height positions, complemented by a 7380 subwoofer.

Studio 2 is also a 7.1.4 immersive room, again with 8341s in all positions supported by two 7360 subwoofers, and has complete compatibility with Studio 1 for maximum flexibility in optimising workflows.

Spain’s Drago Studios expands with Genelec

Studio 3 is a 5.1 space powered by five 8320 nearfield two-way monitors and a 7350 subwoofer, while a separate Quality Control room has been equipped with eleven 8330 two-way nearfield models and a 7360 subwoofer. This room is designed to guarantee sound quality throughout the post-production chain, to meet the highest standards required by cinema and OTT platforms, and is capable of playing back content in all formats.

Finally, there are a total of 11 video editing rooms, each one equipped with 8330 monitors.

Charly Schmukler, head of Drago's Sound Post Production department, comments that “The Dolby Atmos certification allows us to adapt to the latest trends in the audiovisual industry with the certainty that we are working in an environment that meets the highest quality. This in turn guarantees a perfect transcription of our work to the domestic environment.”

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