AIC25 Active In-Ceiling Speaker

This product is no longer in production.

Need a truly premium quality ceiling loudspeaker that blends seamlessly into the room? The AIC25 discreetly integrates with any interior - with no compromises in audio performance.

Superb neutrality

Designed to the same rigorous standards as all our high performance speakers, the AIC25 features extremely low distortion, superb neutrality and a sound pressure capability unequalled by any other in-ceiling loudspeaker of a similar size. Its solid, carefully dimensioned closed enclosure gives superior control of bass reproduction and high frequency dispersion.

Match any acoustic environment

Ideal for installations where wall-mounting is not an option, the AIC25 can easily be retro-fitted to an existing construction. Amplification is supplied via a remote mounting individually calibrated RAM2 amplifier module, which features Room Response Controls for optimising the frequency response of the AIC25 to match any acoustic environment. No other in-ceiling speaker can guarantee such transparent and uncoloured performance, even in challenging spaces.

Color options:

Technical Specifications


100 dB

Amplifier Power

40 W Treble (Class AB) + 40 W Bass (Class AB)

Frequency Response

62 Hz - 25 kHz ("-6 dB")

Accuracy of Frequency Response

± 2.5 dB (70 Hz - 18 kHz)

Driver Dimensions

130 mm Bass + 19 mm Treble (view in inches)


H 0 x W 284 x D 158 mm, (view in inches)


3 kg / 6.6 lb


1 x RCA Analog Input

1 x XLR Analog Input

1 x XLR Analog Output

Key Technologies

Active Crossovers

Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW™) Technology

Optimised Amplifiers

Protection Circuitry

Room Response Compensation