2029B Digital Monitoring System

Genelec 2029B Genelec 2029B Digital Monitoring System has a 96 kHz/24 bit digital audio interface. This has several significant advantages.

When you are working with a digital audio workstation or you are processing audio in a modern studio, your signal is digital. The 2029B allows you to monitor what you have in your digital format. The 2029B supports all the same modes of operation as the analog Genelec 1029A. You can use it with a subwoofer. You can use it in surround audio systems.

Due to its compact size, integrated construction, excellent dispersion and precise stereo imaging, the 2029B system is ideal for near field monitoring, mobile vans, digital audio workstations, broadcast and TV control rooms, surround sound systems, home studios, multimedia applications and also for use with computer soundcards. The Directivity Control Waveguide™ (DCW ™) technology provides excellent frequency balance even in difficult acoustic environments.

The Genelec 2029B-Y model features BNC input connector.

Genelec 2029B and 2029B-Y were in production during the years 2000 - 2005.