Genelec launches Immersive Audio Helpdesk

null Genelec launches Immersive Audio Helpdesk

Genelec launches Immersive Audio Helpdesk

If you’re part of the fast growing community that is looking for expert advice on immersive audio, then we’re pleased to announce our new email helpdesk facility.

The free helpdesk is here to guide you through the principles, technologies and practicalities involved in handling immersive audio content. Staffed by our team of global experts, we can advise on room layout, acoustics, loudspeaker choice and placement, dimensioning, room calibration, playback standards and the other equipment choices you may find useful in the immersive recording and mixing process.

“The huge popularity of modern video streaming services is helping to drive demand for high quality immersive audio content,” says Genelec MD Siamak Naghian. “But in the worlds of music, game audio, research and VR, we are seeing increased uptake too. So as an audio professional, if you’re looking to move into immersive, we want to make it easy for you to understand all the technicalities and practicalities. The many formats and room configurations can seem daunting, but with decades of collective experience in helping to plan, equip and calibrate rooms, we warmly invite you to take advantage of our knowledge.”

The announcement of the helpdesk follows the recent release of our newly updated Immersive Solutions Guide, in which you’ll find a wealth of useful information. Covering the basic principles and formats, the Guide goes on to offer suggested Genelec immersive monitoring solutions for a wide range of room sizes and applications.

The Immersive Helpdesk team can be reached at

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