null Japan’s natural beauty celebrated by Genelec installation on the banks of the Seta River

Japan’s natural beauty celebrated by Genelec installation on the banks of the Seta River

La Cosso restaurant installs Genelec 4000 series loudspeaker system.

Connected to the largest freshwater lake in Japan, Karahashi Deck is a multifunctional facility offering water sports, corporate training, education, and a glass-enclosed restaurant with a stunning view. Sitting on the banks of the Seta River, the new venue is operated by Biwako Rowing Club – an organisation that offers rowing classes to children with disabilities. The newly opened picturesque café and restaurant, La Cosso, offers a naturally serene environment, which is complemented by six 4020 installation loudspeakers from Genelec.

Alongside its water sports lessons and educational seminars, Karahashi Deck aims to provide employment support for people with disabilities, through work in the café, boat repairs and additional roles across the site. Genelec helped to provide a relaxing environment where people with and without disabilities can interact without boundaries. “La Cosso was designed to offer a space with a natural atmosphere so that everyone who visits automatically feels at ease,” begins Shuichi Sakata, manager of Biwako Rowing Club. “Sound within the space was an important factor in helping customers relax.”

“Cafés are – of course – about eating, but I also think there's an element of enjoying the space and time you spend there. I think music plays a huge part in that. The music and the quality of the sound make a big difference to the atmosphere and the impression it leaves on our customers. We are very grateful that Genelec helped us to create a space like La Cosso.”

The Genelec RAW aluminium finish was chosen to match the natural feel of the café.

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Biwako Rowing Club worked alongside Neighbor Food Co – who were the project consultants – on the design and implementation of the sound system inside La Cosso. It was Neighbor who suggested using Genelec, and the size, sound and design instantly impressed staff members. The loudspeakers are responsible for music distribution in the café, and they’re simple enough to operate so that staff can manage the audio system with ease. The music source is typically a smartphone or tablet, connected via Bluetooth to a PreSonus StudioLive AR8c mixer. However, if a customer decides to bring in a Mac or PC for special events, a PreSonus AudioBox GO USB interface is then inserted between the computer and mixer.

“When I arrive in the morning, all I have to do is turn on the output device and start playing,” adds Sakata. “Genelec's loudspeakers have built-in amplifiers, as well as Intelligent Signal Sensing technology that automatically turns on the power when music is played, so the products are really convenient. Even when you go home after work for the day, the power will automatically turn off after a certain period.”

Sound within the space was an important factor in helping customers relax.

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The interior design of La Cosso was just as important as the sound. Located so close to Lake Biwa, the design reflects its natural surroundings with a wood grain finish that harmonises with the lake in front of it – highlighted by large windows looking out over the water. Genelec loudspeakers in RAW aluminium finish were chosen to match the natural feel of the café, as Sakata explains: “The texture of recycled aluminium enclosures with a RAW finish was the best choice. When we installed the loudspeakers, the staff were surprised at how well they matched the interiors. I heard that Genelec values the natural environment, which makes them highly compatible with venues like ours where we encounter nature every day.”

Karahashi Deck’s La Cosso restaurant brings together the natural beauty of Japan. Not only does it sit alongside one of the most stunning freshwater lakes in the country, but it also showcases the best in humanity, offering permanent work for people with disabilities. Genelec’s 4020 installation loudspeakers offer a relaxing soundscape that ensures La Cosso can continue its mission by providing a space in which everyone can learn and work comfortably.

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