Tarek Atoui Chooses Genelec for Venice Biennale

null Tarek Atoui Chooses Genelec for Venice Biennale

Tarek Atoui Chooses Genelec for Venice Biennale

Since its founding over 120 years ago, the Venice Biennale has become the world’s most prestigious and influential art exhibition, with almost 600,000 visitors flocking to Venice this year to find out what the world’s artists have to say about the times we live in.

To us at Genelec, the worlds of art and technology are intimately connected, so when the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm decided to collaborate with innovative Lebanese artist and electroacoustic composer Tarek Atoui at the Biennale, we were thrilled that Genelec loudspeakers were chosen for the project.

Bridging music and contemporary art, Atoui is known for performances marked by his intense physical presence and where he utilises custom-built electronic instruments and computers. Though partly improvised, his work is consistently grounded in a search for new sounds and meticulous exploration into sound archives and collections.

At the Biennale, Atoui employed 20 Genelec 8030 loudspeakers complemented by 7360 and 7040 subwoofers to help produce complex and changing soundscapes, using a fascinating collection of bespoke experimental instruments and input from a team of artistic collaborators.

Watch this short video to learn more!

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