8000-400 Genelec Design stand

Genelec designed floor stand.

After a long development journey together with K&M, we can finally offer the “Genelec designed floor stand” for the 8000 series loudspeakers. Harri Koskinen, an industrial designer and a partner in the design of the 8000 Series loudspeaker, made the first drawings of the stand several years ago.

The elegant steel stand has a 420 x 420 mm cast base with an oversized rod combination, which makes it very stable. Gradual height adjustment between 1100-1700 mm is made by a superior positioning and clamping knob. Quick and simple mounting of the monitor is accomplished using the suspension device. The stand weights 13.4 kg and is available in black color. An additional adapter (8000-438) is required for horizontal mounting.


  • 8040, 8050
  • 8340, 8350
  • 8341, 8351
  • 4040
  • G Four, G Five
Color options:

Elegant Floor Stand for your Genelec Monitors - 8000-400

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