Harmony Tracks 2024

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Harmony Tracks 2024

One World.
One You.
Infinite Creativity.

Make a Harmony Track to showcase your music, help charity and enter our prize draw for studio monitors!

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Why make a Harmony Track?

Your music has the power to help unite and inspire the world, and Harmony Tracks can amplify that power!

By creating a short piece of music in your own unique way, you'll join our diverse global patchwork of sounds and get a chance of winning big prizes – plus, we'll make a 10€ donation to Music Fund on your behalf.

The prizes

After Harmony Tracks closes at the end of 2024, we'll have a randomised prize draw to determine our lucky grand prize winner and two runners-up.

Grand prize: A pair of Genelec RAW 8330As with GLM Calibration Kit, packed in a rugged Peli Case.

Runner-up prizes: A choice of either 8010A monitors or G One loudspeakers.

How to enter


Using your personal musical style and culture, create a new piece of music in any scale or chord progression rooted in the note G. It can be from 30 seconds to 3 minutes long.

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Download this year's Harmony Pack containing the files and interview questions needed to enter our prize draw. We ask for your email address so we can update you with Harmony Tracks news.

Download the Harmony Pack ›


Render your Harmony Track in a video starting with our animation (found in the Harmony Pack). After that, you can include your own photos and videos. Upload the video to your YouTube channel and set it to 'Public'.

Alternatively, upload your Harmony Track to Soundcloud using our artwork image from the Harmony Pack, and set it to 'Public'.


Whether using YouTube or Soundcloud, add your Harmony Pack interview question answers to the description and use the hashtags #GenelecHarmonyTracks and #GenelecHT24. Please also read our full rules.

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Send us your Harmony Track

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Together we'll help Music Fund

We've partnered up with global charity, Music Fund, to help provide musical instruments and support for communities in developing countries and conflict zones.

For every rules-compliant Harmony Track submitted, we'll be donating €10 to Music Fund, brightening futures across the globe with the gift of music.

If you're living in or visiting Europe, you can also help by donating instruments, music books and studio equipment to Music Fund's collection points. Any suitable, working items you have could make a huge difference to a musician in need!

Meet our Harmony Tracks Ambassadors

Stephen Baker x Harmony Tracks

tamiX x Harmony Tracks

Michael Gray x Harmony Tracks

Mehrnoosh Zolfaghari x Harmony Tracks

LNA x Harmony Tracks

Scorsi x Harmony Tracks

Josh Cumbee x Harmony Tracks

Six Missing x Harmony Tracks

Juho Martikainen x Harmony Tracks

How does it sound out there?

Explore our ever-expanding patchwork of community Harmony Tracks.

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