Architectural Speaker Series

Sound in commercial spaces has the added difficulty of having to compliment the ambient noise. You do not want to overpower a diner’s conversation, but you want guests to hear some pleasing music to enhance their experience. Genelec active speakers are designed to have enough headroom to rise above ambient noise yet have low distortion and maintains high intelligibility.

Active speakers produce a faithfull sound

Imagine buying tickets to the symphony only to find out that the violins did not show up that night. It’s the same scenario when you buy passive speakers. With passive two-way speakers there is only one amplifier for the woofer and the tweeter. This makes it very difficult for them to produce all of the notes that they are fed. Active speakers have separate and dedicated amplifiers for each woofer and tweeter. This lightens the load that each of these components has to bear, allowing for cleaner, truer sound.

Easy to install

Both our bi-amplified and tri-amplified active speakers have separate amplifiers that you install on a separate rack. This allows a great deal of flexibility for demanding installations.

Fits in with your client’s décor

In-ceiling, in-wall or on-wall options give you control over difficult acoustic environments. The in-ceiling and in-wall active speakers have paintable grilles and bezels, allowing them to blend into the surroundings.



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