Genelec Moments

Here are just some of the many wonderful moments that you’ve kindly shared with us.
Thank you – we’re truly grateful.

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I work as an itinerant Music Producer and Audio Engineer, and I can say with certainty: the best studios I worked in had Genelec monitors. Genelec represents the very best in audio monitoring, whether for Mix, Master or audiophiles. I just love this company! #GenelecMoments #Genelec45

Caique N.

Listening High End Audio in an normal living room using the GLM software. Kicked Out High End passive Audio Speakers und Power Amps. Genelec 8260 plus Sub.

Alfred Z.

I have had the opportunity to listen to various models of Genelec monitors and the experience has been fantastic. The difference is heard. Soon in my house

Alberto G.

I hope that we will have the chance to go to Finland and celebrate the 45th anniversary, also be part of it to spread the fantastic experience to whole world.

Loy Z.

I was a music producer who had been searching for the perfect set of speakers to use in my studio. I had tried various brands and models, but none of them quite met my standards. One day, I stumbled upon a pair of Genelec speakers at a local music store. I had heard of the brand before, but had never actually used their speakers. Intrigued, I decided to give them a try. As soon as I hooked them up to my mixing console, I was blown away by the clarity and accuracy of the sound. Every note and nuance was perfectly reproduced, and I could hear details in my music that I had never noticed before. But it wasn't just the sound quality that impressed me. The speakers themselves were beautifully designed and built to last. They were solid and sturdy, yet sleek and modern at the same time. I could tell that they had been crafted with care and attention to detail. Over the weeks and months that followed, I found that my Genelec speakers helped me to take my music production to the next level. I could trust that what I was hearing was exactly what my listeners would hear, and I felt more confident in my ability to create music that truly resonated with my audience. Years later, long after I had become an accomplished music producer with many successful albums to my name, I still used my Genelec speakers every day. They had become an essential part of my creative process, and I knew that I could always rely on them to deliver the highest quality sound. In addition to using my Genelec speakers for music production, I also found that they were perfect for creating an immersive home theater experience. The clarity and accuracy of the sound allowed me to hear every detail in movies and TV shows that I had never noticed before. I decided to set up a dedicated theater room in my home and use my Genelec speakers as my main audio setup. I added a subwoofer to enhance the bass, and set the speakers up in a surround sound configuration to create a truly immersive experience. As soon as I fired up my first movie, I was blown away by the sound quality. It was like I was sitting in the middle of the action, with every sound effect and piece of dialogue coming through crystal clear. It was the best theater experience I had ever had, and I knew that I had made the right choice in choosing Genelec speakers. From that day forward, I used my Genelec speakers as my go-to audio setup for both music production and home theater. They had become an integral part of my life, and I knew that I could always count on them to deliver the highest quality sound no matter what I was using them for.

Chun-I T.

Moving to Finland and discovering it in every offices. Feel in love and got a pair !

William L.

Moro! Hankin itselleni Genelecin G kolmoset vuosi sitten ja täytyy sanoa että musiikin kuuntelu mullistui sillä päivämäärällä! Hyvä äänenlaatu on ollut aina isossa osassa omaa musiikkielämystä ja nyt sitä saa nauttia päivittäin! Haaveissa olis vielä vähän laajentaa kaijutin kantaa ja rakentaa oma musahuone! Genuista en luovu ja merkkiä en vaihda???

Aleksi J.

Hi ! I remember when I was in Ferber's Studio in Paris during my internship in August 2022, they had 2 pairs of "old genelec" in each Studio. They used them to record and sometimes for mixing, and, even if they had everything to get a good sound, I remember that these 3-ways Genelec speakers where absolutly the best Studio Monitors I had hear until here. So I keep a very good memories of these speakerd, but I can't find them online on Google Image or anything... but still, what a sound !

Anaël P.

I had the privilege to borrow a pair 8010's while mixing my bands "John Calling" latest EP. It was without a doubt the easiest most pleasant mixing session I've ever done thanks to the extraordinary clarity provided by Genelec. Cheers!

Anton A.

Since i got my pair of G4 raw i feel in love more with music, i got so addicted to the sound of my G4 that i can t go a day withought listening to them. I am so in love with them. Thank you GENELEC !


Bonjour, Mes meilleurs moments avec mes 8020 et 8040 sont d'écouter de la musique de jazz, notamment du label STOCKFISCH RECORDS. Leurs prises de son exceptionnelles valorisent à merveille les enceintes GENELEC. Bonne réception.

Bruno P.

During March I spent alot of time learning Genelec products. As a Bachelor of Audio student at SAE Dubai this area of mixing has always been interesting to me and I hadn't had much experience prior to this month. My interest with Genelec expanded very rapidly expanded when I attended: "Dolby Atmos for Post & Music – a 360 workshop" at Expo 2020 Dubai where Eric Horstmann from Genelec was speaking. His talks on Surround Sound Mixing for music inspired me to learn so much more. I then attended as part of your 45 Genelec World Tour the session at GSL Professional Dubai on "Genelec technology: Studio, Broadcast, Commercial Install and Home Audio" by Clifford Pereira to expand on my knowledge. I took this information that I learnt in this session and put it into practice by calibrating an S6 controlled Surround Sound Studio which uses Genelec products at my university at SAE Dubai. This I found very fun and allowed me to test my practical skills and acquired knowledge. I look forward to the future working with more of Genelec's products and Genelec staff. This is a memory I will hold for a long time as both a professional and a student and appreciate the opportunities created by this world tour to learn and network with the industry in the UAE.

Cameron V.

#GenelecMoments is Fantastic !!!

Camilo S.

Been a fsn gor a long time. Had a beautiful listening experience from a friend's G ones. Fell in love with them.

Casimir K.

Genelec is a pioneer in sound analysis and reproduction of sound for decades.

Aaron F.

Olen lähtöisin rikkaasta perheestä joka menetti 80 luvun lamassa kaiken. Olen viiden sisarusparven keskimmäinen veli, eli välimalli jätkä. Nuoruus meni häpeillessä kun kerta kaikkiaan perheellä oli hädin tuskin varaa ruokaan ja vuokraan. Kun aikaa kului ja vanhempien veljieni kanssa oltiin siinä iässä että töihin pääsi, alkoi armoton takominen, jotta saisi edes murusen unelmista toteutettua.. marja mailla poimiessa rystyset verille, mainospostia iltaisin ja öisin jakamassa. Me rakastettiin musiikkia, joten kunnon kaiuttimet oli pakko saada. Se päivä kun rahaa oli saatu kasaan sen verran että uskalsi jo uskoa omiin unelmiin, päätettiin kuulo puheitten perusteella että genelec onse merkki johon kannatti rahat sijoittaa… kuulo puheet on harvoin sitä viidauden ydintä mutta tällä kertaa se oli silkkaa kultaa. Oltiin niin iloisia että oli kulma kunnan parhaat sterkat. Kerrostalo huoneistossa ei paljon arvo huonekaluja ollut, mutta keskimmäisen veljen huoneen pöydällä komeili mustat aktiivi genet! joita kävi kuuntelemassa ja saundia ylistämässa kaverit ja kavereiden kaverit. Genelecit sai jollain tavalla meidät tuntemaan samalle viivalle muiden kanssa. Ei oltu niin huonoja…. Nyt 30vuotta myöhemmin, omassa olohuoneessa komeilee genelecin aktiivi subi. ja oman poikani pienessä yksiössä jonka rakensin pihalle on genelecit seinillä… genelec on ollut nuoruudesta lähtien aina mukana, ilon ja hyvän saundin pulppuavana lähteenä! Kiitos!

Juuso K.

Hello, I had the opportunity to have a course qboust recording and mixing in Studio 101 in Paris, monitor were Genelec 1032. I discovered your 1031 in Studio Harry Son in 2000.

Cyrille P.

Hearing the ones at a DICE audio event before they where released, mind blown. Now I have them in my studio.

Daniel R.

I've been using Genelecs for 4-5 years. I must say every series of Genelecs sounds great. The best quality which I like of Genelecs is, It's easy to shift between various series of Genelecs as they're very versatile. I don't find my self clueless shifting from Genelec's 3 ways to 2 ways. Genelec's have properly built & perfectly sonically balanced speakers. I can't imagine shifting from Genelec's to another brands. Thanks Genelec.

Dattav A.

Experiencing the new Genelec studio in Stockholm. Such a great place for creativity, meetings with others alike and sharing the knowledge and passion.

David P.

I love music and I would love a pair of your speakers! They have been reviewed by the best and have gotten the best reviews! I so want a pair of my own!

Thomas P.

I am a 64 years Senior citizen from india A music lover ! I am being buying music system since my childhood! And spent a lots of money in buying music systems ! When I saw my friends Genelec system I fell in love ? with the Genelec music system! And I bought a pair of The ones 8341 A and subwoofer 7360 ! The sound quality is amazing and I am enjoying my music ? every day These Genelec are the best in the world I would recommend to anyone who wants to listen to the real quality of perfect music To buy these ! I thank everyone in genelec factory who were involved in making this fantastic monitors and making all music lovers happy Thank you Genelec ? Wishing Genelec all the best ????

Dr Vinod K.

Eipä minulla Genelecin hienoja tötteröitä oo ikinä ollu, mutta ensmäiset studiomonitorit sain aikanaan (2006) käytettynä halvalla kun silloinen kämppis vaihtoi behringereistä genelecceihin :D Nehän ne behkut tietysti on minulla vieläkin käytössä, liekkö pitäs jo uusimista ruveta miettimään?

Laura K.

Genelecs have always been on my short list of future monitors for my humble home studio. I currently use Event PS5s and they are still serving me well.

Dean P.

I love Genelec monitor systems.

Edline M.

Is the best

Eetu A.

SMC concert at G livelab

Elias V.

Best regards from northern Poland! My big to do for 2024 is to visit Genelec factory in Finland :)

Aleksander B.

I have listened to these great compact monitors in a Stockholm showroom and it was in that moment I started of dreaming of having them in my small home studio. Awesome experience! Keep up the great work!

Emil A.

Logomossa genelec kauttimet tuleet tutuksi.

Satu L.

I were looking for a good speaker setup for my home office. Every speaker I tested sounded cheap and bad. Then one day I was in an audio shop. The clerk and I got to talk about sound, hifi and so on. I mentioned my struggle to get a decent pair of speakers to my computer. He absolutely agreed and suggested I go and look up Genelec. At another shop, hahaha. He said you won't be disappointed. I went and listened to a couple of 6010. I bought them immediately. Another level compared to all others. A bit pricey sure, but the quality and sound is unsurpassed. I'm sad I sold them. I have a couple of 8030c for my TV a least. But I gotta buy another couple for my computer. #GenelecMoments #Genelec45 Best Johan

Johan S.

The first ans the best Genelec moment will happen after I have received pair of Genelecs!

Erkki-Jussi O.

thank you for being awesome!

Esa H.

Congratulations in 45 crystal-clear sounding years!

John S.

;) Hello. Once I had the smallest pair of Genelec. Well, The Genelec 8020A, acctually. Later I had to sell some of my equipment like pair of Technics 1210`s, Pioneed DJM-600 and some more, including my Genelecs on the sale-listing too. First call I received was about the pair of Genelecs. Yepp .. works like this ;)

Diyan G.

Greetings from Slovakia!! I’ve mixed my bachelor’s movie on your Genelec 8341 monitors and that have amazing sound! Thanks!!

Pavol G.

Greetings. Wishing a happy summer to the whole Genelec production team! Dont stop making amazing products :)

Tim H.

Paljon onnea!

Juha H.

My favorite genelec moment will be the first time i hear a set in a proper setup, i still havent had the chance but im looking forward to the day when it happends.

Hampus C.

mulla on vielä vuodelta 1990 kymppi neliysit ja hyvin pelittää.

harri S.

Olen erittäin tyytyväinen Genelec kaiuttimiin. Minulla on 3x8030, 2x8020 kaiuttimet ja LSE sarjan 7060B subwoofer. Monikanava signaaliprsessori tai siis AV etuvahvistin tarjonta on kuitenkin heikkoa. Voisitteko mahdollisesti yhteistyökumppanienne kautta vaikuttaa jonkin edullisemman mallin saatavuuteen kuluttajakäyttöön.

Heikki H.

Paras ”Geneleg” kokemus on kun hankin viime joulukuussa Geneleg 2 kaiuttimet parantamaan telkkarin ääntä ja myös musiikinkuuntelun Maranzin avulla. Toiseksi paras tämä ”mainos”, joka kertoo arvoistanne.

Heikki T.

I woke up at my friend's apartment after a long party night. The morning was slow and we listened to all sorts of music and after a good while, I realized I can't see any speakers. When I inquired further, I found a single 8010 on his table! I was awestruck that we were listening to a mono sound on a single speaker that was tiny compared to the sound it made! I would have expected way larger speakers by the sound!

Heikki P.

First time I heard a pair of Genelecs was at my school's studio and I was blown away from how clearly I could hear everything, even things in my own productions that I hadn't noticed before.

Elias H.

We bought our Genelec G4 speakers only a couple of months ago but I can already say that they are the best speakers we have ever had. We will have many happy #GenelecMoments with them ❤️

Vilhelmiina H.

Toista kertaa Keffejä korjaukseen viemässä, kävin matkalla genelecit ostamassa.

Henri N.

Täydellinen rikos - melkein Eräänä päivänä havahduin siihen, että tosiaankin - ihminen nukkuu elämästään 30% ja on töissä 30% ja loput 30% hoitaa asioitaan, perhettään sun muuta sellaista juoksevaa. Kun tajusin tämän, työaddiktina, totesin että jos olen 30% elämästäni töissä konttorissa, miksen voisi nauttia siitä. Ostavathan toiset 15.000 euron sängyn nukkuakseen siinä tai 50.000 euroa siitä, että saavat ajaa töihin autolla, joka tukee heidän brändiään. No minä päätin, että ostetaan työpaikalle Genelecin 8030 kaiuttimet. Avokonttoriin tietokonekaiuttimiksi. No lähtihän sen sen verran vielä lapasesta, että ostin 5040 subwooferin kaveriksi. Jo alkoi Windowsin äänet tukevoitumaan. Ja niitä minä sitten kavereiden ihmetykseksi luukutin iltaisin ylitöissä - ja sain melkoisen Flow-tunteen päälle. Teknoa ja lujaa, ja kello sai olla jo puoli yötä, eikä tuntunut missään. No rikos ei ollut ympäristörikos avokonttorissa, vaan niiden hankintatapa. Tätä nimittäin piti miettiä, miten tämä investointi voitaisiin häivyttää vaimoväeltä siten, että se solahtaisi juoksevien kulujen joukkoon. No sittenä tuli ostettua käytetyt kaiuttimet. Ja kun siellä on kaikenlaisia keppostelijoita liikkeellä, etenkin Genelec kaiuttimien tiimoilta, oli pakko asettaa ehdoksi kaupat vain naamatusten ja käteisellä. 8030 kaiuttimet sitten päädyin ostamaan parkkipaikalla Espoossa - ihmettelin vähän kauppapaikkaa ja mikähän kaiuttimien historia olisi. Mutta autosta nousi keski-iän ylittänyt nainen sekä mies ja ojensivat minulle kaiuttimet. Olihan se pakko kysyä, että mikä on kaiuttimien tarina - kaiken varalta. Tarina oli, että heidän poikansa päätti lähteä lähetystyöhön ja myi kaiken maallisen omaisuuden päästäkseen materiasta vapaana siirtymään kirkon nimeämään kohteeseen. No tässä vaiheessa sitten sanoin, että sovittiin että tinkisin vähän hinnasta, mutta sanoin, että nyt en sitten tingi. Maksoin mitä pyysivät ja toivotin kaikkea hyvää miehelle, joka uhraa elämäänsä hyvään. Ja varmaan kyynel silmässä luopui kaiuttimistaan. No sitten minulla oli kaiuttimet ja nautin niistä pari vuotta töissä. Aivan täydellinen rikos. En jäänyt kiinni, ennen kuin sattuma puuttui peliin. Nimittäin vaimoni meni erään työkaveri kanssa saunomaan, kun muutoinkin tunnettiin, ja hän oli sitten todennut, että on miehellä hienot tietokonekaiuttimet töissä. Auts. Olin paljastunut. En voinut enää asialle mitään. Vaikka kiertelin ja kaartelin, että ihan tavalliset tietokonekaiuttimet - no ehkä astetta paremmat, mutta ei nyt mitään poikkeavaa. Ja halvalla sain. Selitys ei ollut oikein pätevä, ja peitetarinani alkoi rakoilla kuin munankuori keittäessä. Mitenkäs tästä nyt selvitään...? Ei auttanut kuin tunnustaa... ainoana lieventävänä asianhaarana oli se, että olin silti tukenut lähetystyötä... Mutta kaikki nämä vuodet tuo audiosetti on seurannut minua aina uuteen työpaikkaani - ei ole tullut vielä vastaavaa 8030A-5040 settiä tullut avokonttoreissa vastaan. Flow!

Tekninen T.

Very good speakers, I have 2x8350A, 8340A, 2x8330A, 2x7270A, 4x8020B in my home theater. 5.2.4 atmos

Heikki M.

Congratulations on your 45th anniversary. I am an name HWANG JE who lives in Korea. March 25, 2023 Kim Do-heon promotion in Korea It was very popular. The second festival please. Thanks a million. PS. I would like to purchase a product. Genelec G Four (RAW) 1 pair


#Genelec45 työkavereina pikku Genelcit ovat luotettavat mutta hämmästyttävimmät G-hetket koen Tampereen G Livelapissa, jossa huonoa kuuntelupaikkaa ei löydy. Ei edes vesistä.

Harri H.

Lämpimin genelec muisto on kyllä kun pääsi ekaa kertaa kuuntelemaan jotai musiikkia genelecin kaiuttimista koulun studiossa. Siellä sit istuttiinki aika pitkään koska kaikki kuulosti niistä niin hyvältä!

Ilmari L.

For many years I loved music and sounds in general, until I was able to buy a pair of 8010a 4 or 5 years ago. They really made my ears evolve. It is to this day that each sound that comes out of those speakers is a soft caress that I enjoy a lot. They have a very beautiful sound that made me immediately put genelec above all brands and I am saving every month to buy about 8030. every time I see a photo of a studio that owns a couple of genelecs, I know they have the best in audio. It is simply the brand that I love the most, I would like to work for the company at some point, although I am a bit far away. I don't care about the give away and participate, I just want to thank you for contributing to the world of sound in an exceptional way, prioritizing the quality of the products. Thank you ?

Gonzalo B.

I installed my setup in my new office for my dream job. Put up acoustic treatment. Plugged in the gens. Played some old tunes and the moment was bliss!

Irving A.

I've used genelec for almost every purpose, but my best memory was before a premiere, at the very when we placed two 8030s underneath a giant, wooden tongue to be used as front fillers. I was crawling on an old factory floor plugging them in while the audience was waiting outside, but it all, of course, turned out great.

Jacki R.

I first dipped my toes in the world of high fidelity music listening back in 2007. I ventured into my local audioshop and ended up leaving with a pair of Ushers and that sparked a love affair that lasted a decade. For I had suddenly seen the light. Or heard the light. I was working at my then current job in a small meeting room that had a pair of Genelecs. I ended up listening to my favourite songs from days gone by and it was as if I was hearing them for the first time again. So it happened that I ended up adopting a pair of G Twos that have followed me since. These things have made me realize that I have an immense love for music that I did not really realize before listening to music. It was as is if a veil was lifted away between me and the artist and from then on I've been able to experience the sound as if from the source itself.

Ville J.

Go genelec Go

Jari H.

never have had Genelec speakers & they cost too much. would love to have one for my setup

James M.

My best listening experience of any recorded music has been through Genelecs! Always a pleasure to use a pair so I wish I had my own :)

Janne M.

Would love you have some genelec monitors to build a home studio

Jan V.

Taulutelevision äänen huimaava parannus kun asennettiin G One ja F One kaiuttimet. Suosittelen kaikille TVn omistajille lämpimästi.

Jari S.

G One kaiuttimet olisi passelit juuri ostamaani LG 65" QNED televisioon

Jarkko T.

Olin nuorena miehenä Keski-Suomessa humppa-DJ:nä 90-luvulla. Välillä tuli sitten myös keikkaa pidemmälle ja myös diskokeikkaa. Kerran oli yksi reissu Iisalmeen, olisko ollu joku Kaktus tai vastaavan niminen disko pitsaravintolan yläkerrassa. Kun roudasin levyjä eka kerran meinas tulla kuset housuun innostuksesta kun lavan reunalla oli "muotopuoligenut". Aattelin että tänään sotietaankin kauniisti eikä lujaa. Niitä ei ollu päässy edes koskettamaan missään siihen mennessä vaikka kotona oli jo (ja yhä on) 1049A:t. Asia oli siis ymmärretty ja odotusaro oli korkealla. Vähän petyin kun mukaan oli ängetty vielä joku epämääräinen subbari, eikö noista muka tule tarpeeksi... Kaapit oli jonkun tiedon mukaan siellä rääkkitestattavana. Venäläiset nauhadiskantit kuulemma suli helposti pitkässä tuuttauksessa ja niissä oli tosiaan jotain liimavalumajälkeä ennen keskielementtiä. Sain minäkin jonkun ylilämpösuojan laukeamaan muutaman kerran. No nykyään oon nähnyt samanmuotoisia vanhoja pullataikinan muotoisia mustia genuja myös meidän kirjastossa. Nostalgia palaa.

Jarkko U.

in middle school, we visited the Genelec factory in Iisalmi and got to listen to the speakers in a cinema/auditorium-like space. A great moment for a young person and I still remember it after more than 20 years. Today, of course, there are Genelec speakers at home.

Jarno M.

I first noted your speakers while learning video editing at college. Working at the space felt so wonderful. Ever since then I have started noticing your products everywhere -especially when I'm appreciating the acoustics of the places I visit.

Jenna K.

Once a year, I travel with my cousin to the log cabin my father left me at Utsjoki. For a few years now, my 8330's+7350 have joined us and have become an integral part of the trip... Music just sounds so good there it's out of this world. Would love to donate my current remote work desk 8010A's to a young musician who'd certainly appreciate them very much, but I won't be left without myself! :D

Janne K.

Humalassa ostin harkintakyvyn poissa ollessa musiikkikaupasta omat genelecit. Oli vähän kalliit, rahaa meni n. 1500e mutta selvin päin ei ole koskaan kaduttanut, mitta en varmaan olis selvinpäin koskaan uskaltanut ostaakaan, koska olin silloin työtön nuori mies :D Vuosi oli ehkä 2010

Juha K.

Eurovision 2023 final, Käärijä’s Cha Cha Cha banging loudly from my sister’s Genelec speakers. Neighbour coming to see what the noise was about, instead staying to enjoy the rest of the performers with excellent music quality.

Jaakko L.

I go to a lot of concerts with experimental electronic or electroacoustic music. The venue’s differ, but the set-up is familiar: a couple dozen chairs in the middle of the room, and around them, a circle of at least 8 Genelec speakers. It’s the iconic look of experimental music.

Joel B.

Playing jazz through the Genelec 8020B on my desktop help soothe my mood no matter what challenges i face. Invaluable aides for my mental health!

Jonathan Y.

I just want to say that the raw aluminium paint really complements and completes the overall design of Genelec speakers. Not only do they sound good but are now also great to look at.

Juhana L.

I remember when I first heard the Genelec sound at my friends home. It was something from another planet. They were larger 8000 series speakers and I’ve been dreaming on similar ones since.

Juha K.

Hifikauppiaan poikana olen ollut onnekkaassa asemassa altistuessani koko lapsuuteni ja nuoruuteni hyvälle äänelle ja musiikille. Vaikka kotona on nähtiin vuosien mittaan useita brändejä niin Genelec oli aina se joka sai isältä varauksettoman ylistyksen. Huolimatta siitä, että Kuopiolaisena liputettiin tietysti Pohjois-Savon juuria erittäin mielellään, niin uskon ja tiedän, että kehut eivät olleet pelkästään Savolaisuuteen perustuvaa tunnetta. Uransa audiotekniikan parissa luonut henkilö tunnistaa hyvän äänen kun se sattuu kohdalle. En muista tarkasti koska kuulin ensimmäisen kerran Genelecin puhdasta ääntä, mutta kaksi kohtaamista Genelecien kanssa ovat jääneet erityisesti mieleeni: Vuonna 2020 keskellä Koronan synkkiä aikoja vietimme ystäväporukalla iltaa Himoksen mökissä. Mökki oli hyvin varusteltu. Jääkaappi tuotti jääpaloja ja alakerrasta löytyi kookas sauna ja ulkoporeallas. Todellinen yleisöhitti tosin sijaitsi alakerran takkahuoneessa: Kaksi Genelec G Three aktiivikaiutinta. Sanomatta selvää, että kaiuttimet testattiin samantien ja en ikinä unohda kun laitoin Pink Floydin Timen soimaan. Jo ennestään tajuntani räjäyttänyt kappale teki sen uudestaan ja vielä kovempaa. Käytännössä asuimme loppuviikonlopun takkahuoneessa musiikkia kuunnellen ja samalla hetkellä tiesin, että tarvitsen vielä joku päivä kotiini Genelecit. MyöhemminTamperelaistuneena huomasin yhden suosikkibändeistäni Death Hawksin julkaisseen keikan Tampereen G Livelabiin. Bändi oli ennestään lukuisilta pubi ja ulkokeikoilta ja tiesin heidän soundin olevan hiottu ja kaunista kuunneltavaa. Silti en ollut varautunut G Livelabin tarjoamaan elämykseen. Äänentoisto oli samaan aikaan niin massiivinen, selkeä ja korvia rasittamaton, että jouduin ensimmäisenä ottamaan korvatulpat päästä ja huomata, että kuuntelunautinto vain parani. Tästä illasta asti olen seurannut aktiivisesti Livelabin tarjontaa. En tiedä missä muualla kuulee vastaavaa liveääntä.

Juho-Erik T.

Moi!Vuonna 1979 ostin kaiuttimet joista en vielä tiennyt mitään(Genelec TriWay)mutta kun sain ne kotiin(etukäteen kuuntelematta)olin enemmän kuin tyytyväinen,mahtavat ja minulla on ne edelleenkin käytössä.

Jukka L.

A friend of mine had a listening party in her newly built studio, featuring the 8351B’s and a subwoofer. We listened to A LOT of music, but one memory in particular is when we put on Fossora, a Björk album that was newly released at the time. We were all so taken by the detail and the deep, and we heard things in the music that none of us had heard before. Ended up sitting just listening to the same songs over and over, completely in awe of this listening experience.

Julia B.

In the summer of 2021 we made a summer song with a group of friends in one evening after carefull planning of how it would go during the day. We recorded it with only a few takes and got it sounding pretty good with some minor tweaks. It even sounded good the next day when I was listening it in the car, thanks to the genelecs we mixed it with.

Juuso T.

While studying, I spent long nights on my school’s editing booths. They had a pair of Genelec’s there, and from time to time I found myself just listening my songs and forgeting to work. How they sounded was just brilliant.

Totte L.

I have visited G Livelab in Tampere two times and it has been awesome. No matter where you sit or stand, it still sounds great and clear. I am eagerly waiting for the next time.

Kalle S.

I started exploring the world of sound since the age of 10-12 years old. Since I was already into music, learning formally, my dad also purchased my very first studio monitors and audio interface. It was a basic setup and throughout the years I kept digging into the world of sound to better understand it and also getting better mixes out of my small studio. Today I am 25 years old and can proudly say, I've come a long way. I am based in Mauritius and now I am working with Bollywood singers as well as other international artists. I have my own small studio which includes a 2.1 Genelec 8330 with 7350 sub setup with universal audio interface. Using these Genelec speakers really changed the way I hear sound. Everything is so clear and especially with the help of GLM, I was able to calibrate the speakers to my room. Now whenever I mix a song, I am confident and know wherever it will be played, the mix is going to be right. And this confidence is only because of Genelec Speakers. :)

Kalyan N.

When I started to study production it was my first time in a studio with monitors, audio interface and everything I was stunned. In the wall there was these 2 huge speakers that blew my mind, And in the smaller studios we’re smaller, both were genelecs and it was such a inspiration to sound as good as the pros did on the genelecs. I’ve always wanted to buy a pair but haven’t had the money for it but in the future when I built some studios they will all be filled with genelecs and in the big studio ofcourse the big boys in the wall.

Kasper A.

My favorite Genelec moment is quit new. It happened a month ago. I was having an increnible time with my friend in a cafe where one of my friends works. After the closing time we stayed in the cafe, helped to clean and listened to whatever music we wanted. It was so lovely to vibe and just be in a plave where you normaly couldn’t. In the end of the evening stretched to seven hours of hanging out in the cafe and enjoying about music.

Kide R.

Every time i walk into a store or restaurant and i see/hear Genelecs it gives me a psychological effect that their products must also be great in quality.

Kim S.

..on my way to my first Genelec..

Torsten K.

Naapurini Geneleg setti niin olohuonessa kuin harraste huoneessa on minulle ollut huippu kokemus kuunnella musaa!

Keijo M.

The first time i stepped into a professional sound studio it had a genelec surround system installed, working for 3 years in that studio absolutely made me fall in love with these speakers and the company.

Patrick K.

The best genelec moment in my life is when a beautiful pair of 1029a and 1091a step in to my room. I really love them, it was my best choice for make virtual soundchecks and post live production jobs.

Tamas K.

Making my new record.

Francisca B.

musician/songwriter,performer, singer, band owners, writer, ppoets,

larry M.

It made my jaw drop when I heard the mixdowns of my debut 12" 'Pool of Intuition' through a pair of Genelecs. You could hear even the slightest details in the sound. It really made me think about sound from a whole new perspective.

Samu V.

When I first received my g3 and put on some of my favourite music, I just froze and sat there looking stupid. Very cool stuff.

Lauri H.

My genelec moment was when I was a fresmann in UEF and saw few really old pair of genelecs still going strong in everyday use. They were more than 30 years old and still clearsound as "new", I was younger than speakers so its an estimate. When studies were going on, I desided to use every penny i can get from working on side with studies and bought pair of small genelecs. They stil sound exellent more than 10 years from that day. Love the quality. Thanks!

Lauri T.

Hearing the new Ones for the first time at a nice summer cottage I visited and being blown away of their sound quality!

Lauri I.

Kiitokset maailman parhaista studiokaiuttimista!

Petteri L.

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the reliability and honesty you bring to your products. Your company has something other companies should learn from!

Lukas J.

I will never forget the first time I heard a pair of genelecs, and now that I own a couple of pairs of my own I get to pass the experience on to my guests. It pure magic. I love them!

Magnus O.

The first time I heard how good Genelecs sound which was my universitys guildroom in Lappeenranta University of Technology. The speakers have also been donated by Genelec themselves!

Manu H.

Mi piacerebbe partecipare alla lotteria #GenelecMoments. Sto pianificando l'acquisto di vostri di vostri diffusori.

Marcello P.

Olen ollut Genelec fani vuodesta 1995, jolloin olin ½ vuotta Yleisradion palveluksessa. Siellä kuuntelin päivittäin äänitarkkailijana tuntikausia Genelec Triamp S45YA (Yamaha NS-1000) kaiuttimia. Joskus kuuntelin pienempiä Genelec kaiuttimia radiotalon yläkerran editissä. Omien Genelecien hankinta oli jo tuolloin usein mielessä. Seuraavan kerran näin Genelecit ensimmäisillä Hifilehden järjestämillä hifimessuilla muistaakseni vuonna 1995. Haave ensimmäisistä Genelec kaiuttimista toteutui vasta 2007, jolloin hankin nuo 6010a:t. Olen usein käynyt hifimessuilla ja ensimmäisenä siellä on mentävä Genelecin messuosastolle. Siellä oli aina jokin uutuusesitys ja jaossa kankaisia Genelec mainoskasseja. Minulla on niitä varmaankin kymmenkunta. Alla itse ottamani kuva Genelec messuosastolta Hifiharrastajien nettisivulla.

Markus H.

Getting my first Genelecs back in the day was amazing - when M040 was published it was a really good value for the money. For some reason, good experiences lead to interest on brand and I've progressed up to 8351A:s at the moment.

Markus M.

Out of pure luck i ended up in a residency position where a pair of Genelec speakers where placed in a measured and acoustically-treated room. I was given free access to this studio, and having now understood how my productions ACTUALLY sound changed my mind forever. This not only inspires me write and produce my first album “Rift” (Nous’Klaer) in the studio, but also inspire me to learn how to and build my own acoustically treated studio. The genelec speakers in that room changed my perception forever.

Martin S.

Me and my partner have been using the Genelec 6010s as our TV speakers for years. Somehow, the lack of a subwoofer hasn't become an issue until about six months ago. We started to look for a soundbar to replace the 6010s but we couldn't find a soundbar that could give us the clear top end that the 6010s offer. So, even the tiny 6010s could outperform many soundbars for us. Because of the positive experience with the 6010s I have been dying to get my hands on another pair of Genelec monitors for music production. At the moment, money is an issue, and buying a pair of studio monitors is out of the question for a few years. I hope to have the money someday to get myself a pair of speakers that match the impossible criteria set by the 6010s. Keep doing what you're doing! Matias

Matias J.

Hi! I’ve always seen Genelec loudspeakers as some of the best looking speakers there are. I haven’t gotten an opportunity to test them myself yet but I have been planning to save up for a pair for myself. Also the fact that Genelec is a Finnish brand makes me proud as a finn. You make world known speakers with finnish design and sound technology! What’s better than that!

Matsu C.

Olin asentamassa G. Kaiuttimia kotiini vuonna 1994. Mahdotonta tehtävä minulle asentaa ne oikein. No ajoin Genelegille ja jos löytäisin Ilpon tai Arin niin? Löysin Ilpon huoneestaan ja sain äänentoiston 2,5 h oppitunnin ja asennus ohjeet sekä tutustumisen Studioon ja tehtaaseen. Olin tekemisissä Ilpoon minun asiakaan, kun he perusti6vat tehtaan, saaden seurata askeleita 6menestykseen! Opin äänentoistosta ja rakentamassa 10 vuotta Lumir Oy:tä jälkikaijun hallinnassa.

Matti S.

Insinööri opintojen aikana pääsimme pienellä porukalla tutustumaan Geneleciin Iisalmessa. Tutustumiskierroksen yhteydessä pääsimme auditorioon kuuntelemaan vähän musiikkia.. Olin myyty! Soundi oli aivan mahtava. Pienetkin asiat musiikin seasta pystyi erottamaan. Vaikuttava kokemus. Lisäksi muotoilu miellyttää silmää.

Mervi V.

the truly moment you realize the sensation you have your own genelecs

Michael G.

Eräs kesäyö vuosi muutama taaksepäin, paljussa ystävän kanssa ja yöhön tarjoilee fiilistä maukkaiden (myöskin iisalmelaisten) juomien lisäksi Genelecin kajareista pauhaava Gary Mooren & Phil Lynottin "out in the fields". Se hetki jotenkin mieleen painunut.

Miika S.

My favorite genelec moment was when my composition was played trough whole our school trough genelecs. (In every classroom has a pair of them)

Mikael R.

Onni on omistaa pari 8340

Mikko N.

Kuopion yliopistolla oli Genelecin S30 jo 1970/80-luvun taitteessa ympäristömelulabrassa. Yksi ympäristötieteen laitoksen opettajista oli Genelecin osaomistaja. Muistan, kun assarit antoivat lainata kaiuttimia ainejärjestön bileisiin. Hassisen konetta niillä luukutettiin:-) Noista ajoista lähtien Genelec on ollut minulle aina ykkönen (nyt kotona mm. 8050B ja 7070A).

Mikko V.

Erittäin tyytyväinen kotikäyttäjä täällä terve. Kyllä kelpaa musiikkia kuunnella, PS5:llä pelailla ja elokuvia katsella, kun olohuoneesta löytyy oiva trio (G Three -pari ja 7050C sub). Älkää ikinä siirtäkö tuotantoa Suomesta.

Mikko I.

I have a wonderful experience with genelecs but not quite many. First time i ever heard from genelecs was when a school friend invited me to go to her house. She proceed to tell me that her grandfather Iipo Martikainen was the creator of genelec. She proceed to tell me the history of the company and how the speakers was made from recycled material. I got the chance to hear 8361 pairs and it the sound quality was like no other. Unfortunately i haven’t been able to listen to genelecs and would be an honor to own a great sounding monitor someday.

David H.

I was visiting Oude Kerk in Amsterdam (which is the oldest building there) and spotted many Genelec speakers in the church creating ambiance. It reminded me of my hometown Iisalmi and Genelec.

Daniel .

I remember a catalog of high end home studio products that I kept reading in the 90's, when I was a teenager. Genelec was just a dream for me. What a joy to use it now ! :)

Maxime P.

I’m an audio engeneer forma Bolivia, i own a small Studio and I have always dreamed of having a pair of Genelec monitors but since The market here is so small and poor, never had The chance to buy them.

Mauricio V.

My friend bought your speakers and invited me to listen to them. Holy cow was I surprised! Sinne then I've enjoyed many eveningns with my friend listening to our favorite albums. I'd really like a pair, hopefully I'm lucky :)

Aleksi L.

My voiceover reel was mixed on Genelecs! They’re incredible. Wish I could afford a pair for home, I’d use them literally all the time to mix movie trailer voiceovers. Hope I win ?

Ned D.

Remembering when I first met the powerful Genelec 1238 monitors. I wanted to "touch" that sound ?. They were totally blown away!

Nemanja C.

Long time fan of Genelec and currently proud owner of 7.2.4 Genelec based home theater. Congratulations for the great work over the years and staying committed to sonic reference! P.s. Happy to share pictures but found it a bit difficult due to private profiles in social media.

Antti N.

Hey there :) The first time I used my 8030c after reading the reviews and buying them was magic! Instant Genelec fan:)

Nimrod L.

My fav Genelec moment is everytime I go to a studio equipped with Genelecs. They DO deliver.

Oskari K.

Bonjour, Genelec c’est la perfection à l’état pur.

Olivier P.

My favorite Genelec moment was when I got my first Genelec speakers (8030).

Oskari P.

Genelec changed my way of listening to music in an extraordinary sense, that's why I recommend the products, all of them.

Ovidiu P.

Kuulin ensimmäisen kerran musiikkia geneleceistä erään oppilaitoksen kaiuttimista tietynlaisessa surround-ympäristössä ollessani noin 16-vuotias vuonna 2007. Palaan tähän muistikuvaan myöhemmin. Todettakoon myös, että tämä oli ensimmäinen kerta kun kuulin kokonaisia albumeita kunnollisina versiona suosikkiyhtyeiltäni Kingston Wall, Demilich ja Pink Floyd. Kiersin peruskoulusta lukioon, ja huomasin että paikallinen musiikkiluokka oli investoinut tismalleen samanmuotoisiin pylpyräkaiuttimiin (merkki ja malli selvisi minulle vasta vuosia myöhemmin - luulin että nämä on vakiokamppeet jokaisessa suomen koulussa. Ehkä onkin? en tiedä.) Vuosi oli ehkä 2009 tjsp, mutta joka tapauksessa, olin jo juuri 18 vuotta täyttänyt mies, omilleen muuttanut, ja useita satoja cd-levyjä sekä runsas sata lp-levyä ja äitin kasarilla ostettu soitin-vahvistin-yhdistelmä mukana. Kuulemani systeemi saattoi olla 5.1 tai 7.1, ehkä 7.2 setup. Joka tapauksessa en kiinnittänyt asiaan sen kummemmin huomiota kuin että kaiuttimia oli meleko paljon joka puolella ja ääni kuulosti tolkuttoman hyvältä. Omat kaiuttimet, vahvistin ja levysoitin kuulosti lähinnä rohisevalta yskältä. Päädyin siitä sitten armeijan jälkeen opiskelemaan. Jatkoin tosiaan levysoittimen (sekä cd että lp) raahaamista ympäri kotikaupunkiani, mutta kaiutinpari oli kovin aneeminen ja vahvistinkin oli nähnyt parhaat päivänsä ehkä poliisiopisto 1:n ensi-illan aikoihin. Muut kaverit kävivät bileissä, ulkomailla ja ties missä - minä ostelin opintotuella vinyyleitä ja keikkalippua. Loppujen lopuksi elämä vei nuoresta miehestä voiton, ja aikaa tuli vietettyä huomattavasti enemmän muualla kuin kotona. Elämässäni oli kausi jolloin LP-soitin ja valtavat kasarin peruja olevat, joskin epätoimivat kajarit olivat enemmän koriste kuin käyttöesine. Joka tapauksessa vieri muutama vuosi, ja kuten ennen kakskymppisiä, nykyään myös yli kolmekymppisenä käyn kaveriporukalla vuosittain juomassa kaljaa eri puolilla suomea ja päädytään parin vuoden välein samaan mökkiin Himokselle, jossa on rakennettu erillinen Genelec-huone. Perkele, kolisi ja kolisee yhä kovaa. Vasta ollessani päälle 25 eräs ystäväni valisti että nämä kaiuttimet (kyljellään about tämän näköiset: (O o)) eivät suinkaan ole mitään bulkkituotettua kiinakamaa vaan kotikaupunkimme läheltä, iisalmesta tehtyä maailmanluokan huippuäänentoistoa. Leukani putosi lähes lattiaan lyhyen googlettelun jälkeen ja hitto vie totesin altistuneeni pennusta asti erinomaiselle soundille ja koittaneeni simuloida tätä epätoivoisesti itse koko aikuiselämäni. Rakentelin siis vuosikymmenen verran kotiini kaikenlaisia viritelmiä ikea-sonos-systeemeistä aina ihan hyviin polk audio/denon-setuppeihin asti saavuttaakseni a) tyydyttävän äänentoiston tason, b) hyvän surroundin kahdella kaiuttimella (ikea sonos) työhuoneessa, google nest makkarissa ja c) hyvän perheelleni kelpaavan äänen tv- ja elokuvatoistoon (tämä on tärkeetä sinällään koska voin sitten perustella tulevat lisäkaiutinostokset näin!) Polk audion 5.1-tuotteet olkkarissa, mutta tulin aina siihen lopputulemaan että äänestä puuttuu jotain olennaista, jotain selkeyttä, jotain puhtautta. En sano että se puuttuva palanen olisi juuri genelecin kaiuttimet mutta siltä se nyt meleko kovasti alkaa tuntua. En siis ole elämässäni omistanut yksiäkään geneleccejä, jos joskus budjettia olisi (:D oispa) tulisin ne hankkimaan mutta tiedän lähtökohtaisesti sen että saan kotini äänentoiston maaliin pelkästään Genelecin vehkeillä. Vieköön se viisi vuotta säästämistä tai tämän arvonnan - ei ole enää minun käsissäni.

Paavo K.

I was absolutely blown away the first time I've tried The Ones speakers. Having tried the 8010/8020/8030 before, I was confident that The Ones would surely outperform them. However, I was not prepared for how amazing they are. Massive sound while maintaining true to source for such desktop friendly sizes and I do not feel at any point they were lacking anything when reproducing the music I'm playing. They're definitely by far my favourite speakers I've ever tried in my life.

Jun Hong P.

Oltiin kerran työporukalla yhdellä vuokra mökilla ja siellä oli sitten poppivehkeet ja genelecin kaiuttimet. Kyllä niitä luukutettiin ja testailtiin kuinka hyvin ne soi ja soihan ne aivan mahtavasti.

Petri P.

For me, Genelec has always been a symbol of great quality and sort of a dream to own a pair. Sadly, since i produce/mix/master on my spare time I've never had the budget for them.

Petrus B.

Koti sohvalla työviikon jälkeen, Genelec kuunnellessa upea tapa rentoutua.

Petri L.

When my little brother bought his genelecs yars ago. Hes independent radio guy and made remarkable conten now over 10 years without actually getting any money out of it ever. I never had yet money for own genelecs. Maybe one day.

Mikko N.

I worked in a studio using Genelec monitors for their Dolby Atmos system and having the opportunity to work and experience music production via Genelec monitors was truly amazing. It made me mix and master in a new way and it definitely helped me improve my work. To this day im very thankful for that experience and I still miss working with those Genelec monitors.

Rasmus B.

Hyvät on.

Reijo H.

My favorite Genelec memory was when i first heard my music through a pair of genelec monitors. Since i have always lived in small apartments with shitty isolation i have been cursed with producing with headphones. But when i met my producing partner (roger) he opened up a whole new world for me. Offering a space in his studio to start working on my music with a great genelec monitor set up. Mind blowing and eye opening!

Rickard B.

I do not have experience on Genelec speakers but I know their reputation and would love to own a pair myself

Riku R.

STARZ was planning a move to a new office in Colorado, and I had a room with 8050’s that I relied on and some of the other rooms had the JBL equivalents, and I insisted we keep the Genelecs, because I couldn’t trust the JBLs for a whole host of reasons. Love Genelecs, because there’s a trust in the results that come when using them.

Robert W.

I loved 8010

José Rodrigo G.

My favourite Genelec moment is since a little boy me and my uncle have been having these music nights at his place. Since there were no neighbours we could blast the music as loud as we want and he would always show me mew music as he is a music fanatic aswell. If we don't listen to music we would watch a movie and same thing get a real cinema experience out of it. So yeah Genelecs have always been a big part of my life. :)

Roope A.

Ekana muistona ehdottomasti Genelecin Artist Roomissa muutama vuosi sitten Marco Hietalan kirjanjulkistustilaisuus!

Ruut K.

Those so-far few priceless moments when I’ve had the chance to listen good music from sublime Genelec monitors in near-field, and blown my mind. Those golden tones have quaranteed that one day I’ll have Genelecs, too.

Sakari P.

When I first used GLM on a pair of used SAM Genelecs that I had bought, I could not believe the difference that it made. This would not even be the last time that I was shocked by a difference in the sound of these speakers after some change, and I do not think that such moments are yet over, either.

Sami R.

Antti Autio gig in Helsinki G Livelab, with outstanding audio performance

Juha-Pekka S.

Olen tehnyt musiikkia 15 vuotta ja viimeiset 10 vuotta tavoitteellisesti. Pitkään miksasin isoilla monitoreilla, joiden ääni oli kuitenkin kaukana neutraalista. Reilu vuosi sitten ostin Genelecin 8010A-monitorit eli reilusti pienemmät — mutta kuinka paljon miksaukseni ovatkaan parantuneet sen jälkeen! Neutraali äänentoisto on keskeistä hioessa soundia haluamakseen. Myöhemmin olen testannut tuotoksiani erikokoisilla äänisysteemeillä ja myös keikoilla, ja soundi on ollut juuri sellainen kuin olen halunnut.

Samuli R.

Minulla oli lainassa viikon kaverilta Genelecin kaiuttimet. Itselläni ei sellaisiin varaa mutta viikon verrran musiikki soi kauniisti.

Elina P.

Genelecs were the first Hi-Fi speakers for me to experience. My brother played Katie Meluas songs and the guitar sounds were so clear! From that moment i have been a ”hifist”

Tuomas S.

Genelec has always been my dream speaker. All my producer idols use Genelec studio speakers. When I look at youtube videos about music production, there are always Genelecs in the background in every studio and it would be a dream to be a part of that circle. I have also been in music stores and listened to Genelec speakers, and the sound is absolutely fantastic!

Simon D.

I use my 8040's for mixing and mastering every day, they are amazing monitors!

Simon H.

Thank you for your wonderful products! Continued success! Cheers!

Rodger R.

I have never heard Genelecs (at least I'm not aware of having done so). I'd love to attend a event that would demo the range of speakers for home audio use.

Willis P.

Before I had a nice home studio setup, my band mates and I would go to a local studio to track drums. They had Genelec monitors, and it was always a treat to listen to them. I would love to win a set for my home studio. Thanks for the opportunity!

Jason E.

Since 2002 till now i have countless good moments with genelec. I'm a 1032 user from A to C. 1031 and 1029 also.

Elie Z.

After a while in my personal studio, my faithfull 8040 take place in my modest home theater. I always appreciated how sound is « shelled » with them.

Alexandre S.

I remember clearily when I first heard my 1030A’s at home. I was set out to replace my older but beloved 12” loudspeakers. I borrowed a pair of the previously mentioned pair of so called “near field monitors” which at the time was total mumbo jumbo for all I cared. My friend told me “This is the best speaker in the world” and I said “Ok, so you say, convince me then” he lent me a pair and this has been a “love story” since then. We haven’t yet parted ways and we’ve spent the last 27 years together, need I say more. Sounds to good to be true? I don’t think so, they’re Genelec’s ;-)

Hans Ö.

Dear Genelec, I am a young sound engineer from Ukraine who has been passionately dreaming of owning Genelec audio monitors for quite some time now. I am truly impressed by the exceptional quality of your products and the expertise of your team. After experiencing the remarkable sound of Genelec monitors, I instantly realized that they are the perfect fit for my professional aspirations. Regrettably, my country is currently embroiled in a war, which has imposed certain limitations on my ability to fulfill this dream. Financially, I am unable to purchase Genelec monitors at this time. However, I am reaching out to you with a glimmer of hope, seeking any possible assistance or opportunity to bring me closer to my dream. Please understand that I am fully aware that the terms and conditions of your giveaway may differ significantly, and I apologize for any inconvenience caused by my request. I sincerely appreciate your understanding and consideration. Thank you for creating exceptional audio equipment, and for the positive impact your brand has had on aspiring sound. professionals. Wishing you all the best, Sviatoslav Hryhorchuk

Sviatoslav H.

I still remember listening to one of my favorite record (Placebo's Without You I'm Nothing) on my newly acquired Genelec 8020A: it blowed my mind. Having the impression to hear it for the first time the way it was supposed to sound like. Still in love with the speakers!

Sylvain A.


Niko S.

Always enjoyed planing room acoustics for studios in my old job. Especially to test the rooms on Genelecs.

Michael .

The incredible moment when I first hear the mix on my freshly arrived Genelec I understand that this was the sound I have to hear for mixing. All that I had before as monitors was nothing compared with the neutral and truly sound that comes out of Genelec. It is not beautiful sound but exactly what you have. I can 100% thrust what they say and I can work many hours without hear fatigue. I enjoy every day my work with my Genelec pair.

Boris T.


Teemu H.

I went to a cocktail bar last weekend. It's a hidden bar in Helsinki. Sadly, they have a no-pictures -policy. The atmosphere was chill, relaxed but at the same time energetic. One of the key factors was Genelec speakers covering the bar. I pointed this out to the rest of the us. They truly make a difference. Not too many Finns remember that these beautiful quality products are made by a Finnish company.

Aarne T.

Probably some of the most memorable moments have been at after parties at my friends place, who's a genuine Genelec enthusiast. The thing is that I always found it funny that he has this very nice and some what expensive stereo setup with separate amplifier, phono box, decent record player, the whole works and a pair of Genelecs suitable in size for the living room. Now the kicker here is the music he's into: very raw, old casette tape quality black metal, mostly even like demo stuff that inherintly already would sound nigh insufferable to most people and especially without a keen ear or trained one at that. But damn did it sound good tho!

Jukka R.

My relationship with Genelec started in late '80s with a pair of 1018A speakers which I had the pleasure to have in my use without actually owning them. Ever since I have admired the sound of Genelec and the story of the company, not least because I was born and live near Iisalmi in Kuopio. Currently I own two pairs of 8010 and still love the sound of Genelec

Timo K.

A few years ago in a store, started looking for the band that was playing until i found out these were just genelec speakers

Timothee D.

The audio immersion zone in assembly was a mind blowing experience. Dolby atmos eith 4k 85" tv was insane. I got lost in to the game so easily

Tino V.

A workshop for building synths and amps with soldering simple electronics. The table was full of Genelec speakers, all connected to different prototype circuit boards making a beautiful cacophony of noises.

Tino L.

7382 subukkan avays koodi!

Harri T.

Monen vuoden unelmoinnin jälkeen sain vaimoltani isänpäivälahjaksi pikkugenelecit tietokonekaiuttimiksi.

Tuomas V.

I love genelec

tony K.

Ihan huippu tuotteita!

Antti T.

Minulla on ollut Genelec 1237a ja nykyisin on 1238a kaiuttimet. Molemmat ovat tuottaneet olohuoneessani hienoja elämyksiä elokuvien ja musiikin toistimena. Hyvin usein työviikon päätteeksi minulle suodaan tilaisuus kuunnella lempimusiikkia rauhassa, hyvän juoman kera. Erityisesti live-musiikkitallenteet tuottavat hienoja ja isoja kokemuksia olohuoneessani Genelec kaiuttimien välittäminä.

Tuomas J.

Keep up the good work!

Tuomas T.

I've always wanted Genelecs. Many of my friends, even relatives have them. I would love to join the Genelec family and start my audial journey. please Genelec Pimp my living room.

Tuure K.

I remember when I bought my first pair of Genelec home monitors, I thought that just maybe I spent a little bit too much on them. That feeling faded away when I started listening to music on them. The favourite moment with my Genelecs came half a year later when I was away from home for two months. When I came back home, I played my favourite track on them and it almost brought tears to my eyes. Then I felt that yeah, I totally get it. I get why Genelec has the reputation that it has. I get why so many people buy these monitors even if they really don't "need" them as in being a producer for example.

Valtteri P.

Back in 1998, I was a young musician / drummer. Music and beats ran through my veins, and I spent countless hours perfecting my craft. It was during one particular day that my life took an unexpected turn. As I walked into a recording studio in Helsinki, my eyes widened with anticipation. To my delight, I noticed a pair of Genelec loudspeakers standing tall in the corners of the room. I had heard whispers of their exceptional sound quality and precision, and my curiosity was piqued. Excitement surged through me as I set up my instruments for recording. With drumsticks in hand I started to give my best. The music reverberated through the room behind the mixing table, engulfing me in its embrace. But it was when I heard the accurate and alive bass drum through the Genelec monitors that everything changed. The notes came alive, soaring to new heights and filling the space with a richness I had never experienced before. The Genelecs captured every nuance of my performance with astounding clarity. Each strum of the drums, each breath in the vocals, felt magnified and vibrant. It was as if the music had been unleashed, pulsating with energy and life. I couldn't contain my awe as I listened intently, savoring every moment. The Genelec loudspeakers transported me to a realm of sonic bliss, where time seemed to stand still. I was immersed in the tapestry of sound, witnessing the power of these remarkable speakers firsthand. Little did I know that this encounter would ignite a lifelong dream. Owning a pair of Genelec monitors became my aspiration, a symbol of artistic growth and success. However, at that time, it remained a distant goal as I continued to create beats and nurture my passion. Years passed, and I persevered in my musical journey, never forgetting that transformative encounter with the Genelec speakers. And then, as fate would have it, more than a decade later, I found myself in a position where I could finally afford a pair of Genelecs. The day I brought them home was an extraordinary moment, filled with anticipation and nostalgia. Setting them up in my living room, I couldn't help but reminisce about that day in 1998. It was a testament to how far I had come and the dedication I had poured into my music. With excitement coursing through my veins, I hit play and let the music flow through the Genelec monitors once again. As the first notes resonated, a familiar sensation of awe washed over me. The speakers breathed life into my music library, capturing the essence of my inspiration with unmatched precision. It was a profound affirmation of the enduring power of music and the impact that the Genelecs had on my journey in music. From that day forward, the Genelec loudspeakers became an indispensable part of my creative process. They propelled me to new heights, inspiring me to push the boundaries of my music and share my art with the world. They represented not just a pair of speakers but a symbol of perseverance and the realization of a dream. And so, the story of my journey with Genelec stands as a testament to the transformative power of sound. From that first encounter in 1998 to finally owning a pair years later, these speakers have become my partners in creativity, enabling me to craft music that resonates deeply with others. It is a testament to the belief that dreams can come true and that the right tools can amplify our passion beyond our wildest imagination.

Valtteri A.

Petri K.:lla kuulin ensimmäisen kerran Geneleciä. Sitä ennen 30 vuotta harrastanut hifiä. Siitä se sitten lähti.. 8330 ja 7370A oli seurauksena. Kunnes rekkakiertue tuli Rovaniemelle ja kuulin S360 protoa. Tilaukseen ne laitettiin. Ja nyt on toinenkin 7370A. Olen ollut todella tyytyväinen. Mikään muu kaiutin ei enää innosta. Genelecin puhtaus, tarkkuus, nopeus ja vääristymätön ääni on uskomaton. Vielä joskus mä laitan isommat Geet.

Vesa M.

I have a pair of 1029A monitors, which I use as an educator, both as a music teacher and as an adult educator at a synagogue in the Boston area. An artist, Yelena Lembersky, and I made an evening program about the impressive art of the Jewish/Soviet artist Felix Lembersky (Yelena's grandfather) in the decades around World War II, including a powerful series of paintings on the massacre at Babi Yar. My part was to present the first movement of Dimitri Shostakovich's moving Symphony No. 13, the first movement of which is a setting of Yevtushenko's moving poem "Babi Yar." Apparently Lembersky and Shostakovich were acquaintances. My part of the presentation included a full presentation of a fine video of a live performance of the "Babi Yar" movement, replete with a dynamic and loud full orchestra, as well as a Russian-language bass soloist and male chorus. I have a selection of studio monitors, but I decided to use my most unflappable, impressive, yet diminutive 1029A monitors, which I placed at the wall for boundary gain. The Genelecs astounded everyone with their output in what was a very large social hall. A complete success--thank you, Genelec! I am happy to report that in days from now I expect to acquire a pair of The Ones.

H. Gordon S.

Best to sit down with a nice drink and good vinyl.

Ville N.

I will never forget the day when I got my first pair of Genelecs. The increase in sound quality was just unbelievable and I was finally able to hear music the way it’s supposed to sound. I’m never gonna give up my Genelecs and I’m hoping to get a bigger pair sometime in the future!

Vilppu V.

Every moment is Genelec moment. Got my first pair of Genelecs and last monitors pre owned at around 18 years ago from colleague at a price of one. It's been the best studio investment ever since. Even though they are on the vintage side of things, they've never failed me and given me accurate representation of the sound every time. They've simply made me a better producer / sound engineer. So difficult to point a single Genelec moment as I slowly started realizing that the results we're better all the time after having them. Maybe worth mentioning the one or two times I got to visit the Genelec factory in Iisalmi. It was surreal moment for a fan boy, like any 80's boy would get to visit Millennium Falcon. Congratulation on the 45th anniversary!

Visa L.

The first time I encountered Genelec speakers in action was at my friend's place in Inari, Lapland. He is a sound engineer so I wasn't that surprised to see a pair of Genelec speakers and a subwoofer as big as a small washing machine in his little house. We started off with some music by Squarepusher and I was instantly breathing through my mouth. We watched Holy Motors afterwards which totally blew my mind in every aspect of the phrase. Like my friend says: "sound makes 70% of the cinematic experience or even 80% in some cases!" I think the percentages escalate every now and then though... but so does respect for Genelec quality!

Ville L.

I was at a mall in Kolkata, India and one store called Max Fashion was playing Diana Krall's Wallflower album and the track was Don't dream it's over before some contest about to take place in the store. Dianas voice , i have never heard her like that ever , hair raising. I forgot i was accompanying my wife for festival shopping , i became a heat seeking missile looking for the sound source and there it was playing through Genelacs! The dream has just began!

Ramanuj S.

Love my 8030a and 7050b sub

Wellington G.

i recall a moment where i needed to downsize my studio monitors (moved to a smaller apartment..) .. it dawned on me that i was seeing genelec monitors being used in so many inter-related and highly relevant areas and spaces - studios of artists i respected, gallery installations, research facilities, broadcast and industry applications - they were staring me in the face the whole time. i found some used 8020s and was instantly hooked, i've been using multiple genelec products now for the last 12 years. many thanks, they continue to be an inspiring listening experience, and a fantastic studio tool.

Tim W.

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