Genelec Announces New G*Connect Webinar Series

null Genelec Announces New G*Connect Webinar Series

Genelec Announces New G*Connect Webinar Series

In response to the large number of people isolating themselves globally due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, Genelec is hosting an increased number of their popular G*Connect webinars over the next few months to help provide knowledge and guidance on a whole range of audio topics.

The first webinars entitled “Improving the sound of your home studio” will take place on Tuesday 31st March and will be hosted in English by Andy Bensley, and in Spanish by Miguel Dominguez. Andy and Miguel will be discussing the common problems that affect most small studio spaces, and offer simple advice on basic room layout and acoustics, choosing the correct loudspeakers, and then how to position and adjust them. During the webinar they’ll show how some simple measures can help any home studio owner produce more reliable mixes that will translate better to other rooms and systems.

The webinars are free to join, and everyone attending will be issued with a free certificate by Genelec afterwards. Presenters will be happy to take questions from attendees during the course of the presentation, and all those attending are actively encouraged to join in the discussion.

Other webinars in the G*Connect series will tackle popular topics including immersive audio, networked audio, room calibration software, the use of subwoofers and much more. The webinars mark an increased commitment by Genelec to online education, with extra resources being directed to developing the Genelec Academy of educational materials.

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