Genelec 8340A Recall Service Programme

null Genelec 8340A Recall Service Programme

Genelec 8340A Recall Service Programme

Genelec have noticed the remote possibility of an electrical safety risk with certain 8340A units.

All units leaving the Genelec factory are always 100% individually tested for electrical safety, including all the 8340A units. This means that the units are safe to operate. However, we have now identified a small number of 8340A units that do not offer the full safety margin that Genelec originally designed for, and some of these units can, over time, develop a failure to sufficiently isolate the mains voltage from the chassis (enclosure). The safety risk is only possible when the products are not used according to the operating manual instruction accompanying the product, as follows:

Genelec recommends that any 8340A is connected to an electrical outlet having a protective earth terminal. When this is done, the few 8340A units developing the isolation problem will blow the fuse or activate the circuit breaker in the building, cutting the mains voltage to the unit. However, if the unit is connected against Genelec instructions to a mains socket not offering the protective earth terminal (this is a so-called ‘non-earthed’ outlet) or when the house electrical system does not provide the protective earth, this could cause a potential electrical safety risk for the user – because a conventional fuse or circuit breaker will not activate to cut the mains voltage.

Action you should take now

Even if the safety risk is only present when the product is used against Genelec instructions, Genelec has determined that this is a serious electrical safety issue, and in order to eliminate the risk, we invite owners to have their 8340A units inspected free of charge by a Genelec authorized service centre to confirm that the units are electrically safe – in order to ensure continued safe use.

If your 8340A unit is part of the Genelec Recall programme, please send an e-mail immediately to

How will you know if your product is part of this 8340A Recall Service Programme?

Please type your complete 8340A product serial number into the search field below. This interactive service will determine if your unit needs to be checked by the Genelec authorized service centre. For example, if the serial number shown on a unit is “8340AWM61008896”, then enter this complete serial number into the field. Leaving out any parts of the serial number can result in a false result.

If your product is part of the Recall Service Programme, you will see the message:
“Please contact Genelec support to get information about your product safety.”

If your product is not a part of the Recall Service Programme, you will see the message:
“Your product is not affected and you may continue using it safely.”

Check your product serial number

Enter your complete product serial number in the field below.

Where can I find serial number of my product?

You can find the serial number of your unit on the back of the loudspeaker, located in a sticker shown by the red circle in the picture below.

8340a recall rear image

Thank you in advance for your attention, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Genelec Customer Service Team

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