Meet the Next Audio Generation

null Meet the Next Audio Generation

Meet the Next Audio Generation

We’re proud to have supported Audio Media International’s Next Generation spotlight, which celebrates the most exciting breakthrough studio engineers and producers in the business.

We’re also pleased to announce that a third of our sponsorship fee has been donated to the Resonaari charity in Helsinki, which provides a wonderful music school for those with special needs.

The Next Generation campaign shines a spotlight on those who have been making significant strides in their careers, spanning the full spectrum of styles, genres, budgets and studios. We look at the profiles of those doing great work in the studio, explore their careers to date, the key projects they have worked on so far, their route into the industry and what they are working on next.

So… come and meet the Next Generation!

Ratna Noshi

"Today a producer will have to multi-task: be a composer, a business person, a digital marketer and a manager. Basically a Jack of all Trades." Read More

Next Generation Spotlight: Ratna Noshi

Oliver Shillito

"The better you are with people, the better the record will be. The band needs to be able to trust you as their producer and to know that you have their best interests at heart." Read More

Next Generation Spotlight: Oliver Shillito

Jasmine Mills

"It doesn’t help that the society and the music industry has been conditioned through the years so that women speaking up for themselves is seen as an inconvenience, ‘killing the vibe’ of the session, or written off as them being emotional, irrational, or whatever form of gaslighting is used in the scenario. Nowadays, there are many female empowerment groups and we’re all doing all we can. It’s great to have other people to lean on that can relate to the experiences you undergo as a women in the industry." Read more

Jasmine Mills

Ed Stokes

"I strongly believe in continuous improvement. Over the last year I have been aiming to make every song I produce just one per cent better than the last. This might not seem like a lofty goal, but by the end of the year, by slowly tweaking and improving, my work will be more than twice as good." Read more

Next Generation Spotlight: Ed Stokes

Katie Tavini

"Every project is so different, and every day is different. I love that there’s never any two days that are the same. So I approach everything completely differently!" Read more

Katie Tavini

Kaity Rae

"Creating a relaxed environment where an artist can tell me what they like and don’t like by making the whole song a very collaborative effort is always my favourite way of doing things." Read More

Next Generation Spotlight: Kaity Rae

Alberto de Icaza

"I fell in love with the studio work, it was the perfect combination of creativity and technical knowledge." Read More

Next Generation Spotlight: Alberto de Icaza


"For me, my ideas and creativity may manifest in a beat, it may manifest in something way more abstract and weird. It may manifest in something I’ve never even considered making before. EVER. All are totally fine though – I have learned the tools to make the music I want to make. All are equally fine and just as malleable and fluid as water, and I love that." Read More

Next Generation Spotlight: NikNak

Benni Dumville

"Whether I’m engineering, producing or mixing, or doing it all, I think every decision that I make should be to best serve the end product and exceed the expectations of the client. My approach is that you should always be focused on the bigger picture, rather than the sum of a record’s parts." Read more

Benni Dumville

Aryanne Maudit

"My studio approach is very versatile: Firstly, it is of vital importance the artist I’m working with feels comfortable and is in the right mindset to deliver the best performance." Read More

Next Generation Spotlight: Aryanne Maudit

Dean Glover

"I really do believe that being creative will eventually guide us to a place where we can perhaps tear a few traditional rules up, do things that need doing a bit differently differently, embrace more new technology and express ourselves better as a result." Read More

Next Generation Spotlight: Dean Glover

Dani Bennett Spragg

"Every project is different so no single set of tools will be appropriate for everything. I love using microphones and outboard gear that I don’t know or haven’t used before, and although that can sometimes be a more time consuming process as you trial things, I think you’ll generally come out with more interesting results." Read More

Next Generation Spotlight: Dani Bennett Spragg

Sam Sonntag

"I think it’s nearly impossible to make a good mix if you don’t know how to properly master a track. Everything is connected. I want to do all I can to make Colla Records one of Finland’s most successful record labels."
Read More

Next Generation Spotlight: Sam Sonntag

Fela Davis

"My biggest challenge was getting my foot in the door in audio when I first moved to NYC. I worked every small club I could find to get better at mixing live and started recording the bands I liked. I started posting the recordings I liked to social media and it slowly made me a better mixer. I started hearing the nuances that I could change to get better mixes." Read more

Fela Davis

Stephen Kerrison

"My plan is to just keep doing what I’m doing, creativity is so important to the world and the fact that I can facilitate some of that creativity by ensuring it’s as top quality as it deserves to be is a life choice I’m extremely happy with." Read More

Next Generation Spotlight: Stephen Kerrison


"Creating a track is like filling a frame with colours and shapes, and the track feels complete when the visual composition looks balanced." Read more

Next Generation Spotlight: Rookes

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