Professional Audio Monitoring

Full Line Catalogues


Active Monitors and Loudspeakers (2018)

Classic Series Catalogue (2018) 

SAM Series Full Line Catalogue 2016 (English)

SAM 智能系列全线产品手册 2016 (中文)

The Ones Catalogue (English)

The Ones 产品手册 (中文)

M Series Catalogue (English)

M系列有源监听音箱 (中文)


Smart Active Monitoring (SAM) Systems Catalogues

New Generation SAM Systems (English)

8340, 8350, 7360, 7370, 9301

Compact SAM Systems (English)

8320, 8330, 7350


Technical Guides

Genelec Monitor Setup Guide

English edition

French edition (Guide de configuration pour enceintes)

German edition (Monitor Setup Guide auf Deutsch)

Chinese edition (监听音箱设置指南)

Russian edition (Руководство по установке мониторов)

Czech edition (Průvodce instalací monitorů)


In-Room Product Performance Guides

Monitor Focusing Template

Step-by-Step Setup Guide

Products Coding & Numbering

Application Notes

SAM Series Compatibility & Operations (July 2015)

Product Cables & Connectors (September 2015)

Bass Management User Guide (April 2016)

Daisy-Chained Subwoofers & LFE Channel Management (September 2016)