Recycling and Materials

Genelec products are designed to last several years in demanding professional environments or in home or AV installation applications.

Authorized Genelec dealers provide spare parts and expert repair service, giving added life for damaged or faulty units.

However, if your Genelec product is damaged beyond repair or you do not want to use it anymore, please take care that it is properly disposed in an authorized recycling facility and according to your local environmental legislation.

  • Speaker drivers contain several different materials so they should be dismantled for recycling.
  • DCW is made of aluminium (or plastic), both well suited for recycling.
  • Enclosure damping material is either synthetic fibre wool, glass wool or linen wool. Fibre and glass wool can be recycled, linen wool can be burned or composted.
  • Amplifier plate is made of aluminium and can be recycled once all electronic components have been removed.
  • Rack mount amplifier casing is made of pressed steel and can be recycled.
  • Electronic components can be recycled according to your local electronic equipment recycling standards. Do not burn any of the amplifier components.
  • Cables and connectors can be reused in a suitable application or recycled according to your local electronic equipment recycling standards.

Enclosure materials

Genelec products have two main types of enclosures: aluminium and MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard).

Aluminium is an excellent material for loudspeaker enclosures: its low density and stiffness enables making lighter enclosures with thinner walls than with other materials. It also performs as an excellent EMC shield for the amplifier. Each year about 94% of recycled material was used for our aluminium enclosures. The three major sources of recycled aluminium are beverage cans, old automobile parts and scrap from production of new aluminium parts and components.

MDF is a traditional enclosure material and also very good for making loudspeakers. MDF is an engineered wood product formed by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibers combining it with wax and a resin binder, and forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure. The environmental impact of MDF has greatly improved over the years. Today many MDF boards are made from a variety of materials. Genelec currently uses MDF made out of wood.

Packing materials

Genelec products have two main types of outer packaging: cardboard and plywood boxes. On the inside we use some amount of plastic and paper materials. When designing the packaging we also take into account the environmental aspects, aiming to reduce the impact both during the manufacturing of the package as well as transportation.

After you have unpacked your product, you should keep the packing material in a safe storage in case you need to transport your product again. The original packing is the safest option in case you need to send your product for warranty repairs. When you are certain the packing materials are no longer needed, you should recycle them adequately. Cardboard and plastic can be recycled or burned in a waste disposal oven. Plywood can be recycled or burned in a controlled high temperature waste disposal oven and plywood boxes metal parts can also be recycled.

Sustainability Principles