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Studio Monitors

Creativity requires the best tools. Genelec's range of studio monitors covers multiple audio monitoring applications from large broadcasting and post-production studios to audio production in small studio environments. Genelec professional studio monitors provide an accurate sound reproduction with outstanding clarity, definition, and neutrality – a quality that you can always trust.

What is common for audio professionals, like recording engineers, sound designers or music producers? They all need the highest quality audio tools available. We at Genelec have been addressing this need in our in-house R&D since 1978 by developing innovative and patented technology and solutions for all professional audio monitoring applications.

Accurate sound reproduction 

All Genelec professional studio monitors are tools made for accurate sound reproduction.

From the smallest to the largest systems, all Genelec solutions reveal the original nuances of the sound, without leaving anything out from or adding anything to the signal in any stage of the production.

Smart and innovative systems

Since 1978 all Genelec professional studio monitors have featured room response controls allowing you to calibrate them to their acoustic environments. The aim is to achieve flat frequency response at the listening position or over an area.

Technology, art and design

Genelec professional monitors are a combination of technological innovations and minimalistic industrial design. Many of our systems are made of recycled die-cast aluminium, which allows us to design thin and sturdy enclosure structures, as well as maximised internal volume. Our solutions achieve consistency in monitoring, providing neutral sound stage imaging with low distortion.

Flexibility and ease of installation

The ease of installation of all Genelec professional studio monitors is part of the product design. We offer you the most extensive selection of accessories covering all possible installation needs.

Reliable long-term investment value

Genelec products are extremely reliable. They are maintenance-free and made to last for decades, thus ensuring long-term investment value.

Le 'Voyageur 1' Mobile Recording Truck

The largest mobile recording truck in Europe, ‘Le Voyageur 1’, part of the Dushow Group recently installed a Genelec 5.1 Smart Active Monitoring (SAM™) systems to complement its custom-made main monitors, designed in 1999 by Marc de Fouquières.Read more

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