A premium brand which was not built but evolved based on its core values

null A premium brand which was not built but evolved based on its core values

A premium brand which was not built but evolved based on its core values

Like any brand, Genelec brand is formed based on a set of perceptions and images that people have from the company products, services, and way of taking care of its customers and other actors across its supply chain.

The company brand is about what they perceive and not what company sees. Too often a brand is understood as a logo or a combination of different marketing tricks. However, in a deeper level a brand is an inner part of the company, which has multi dimensions: a brand is the essence or promise of all what is delivered by the company and the way people experience the outcome of the company’s culture. Once customers gain experiences with a company’s offerings brand transforms to reputation and leverages through “voice of mouth”.

Since 1978, Genelec has evolved to a premium brand in professional audio monitoring. Characteristics like active monitoring, quality, reliability, long-lasting products, technology leadership, innovativeness, and credibility in delivering its promises are deeply associated with Genelec brand. These all have been achieved by the Genelec team together with our partners and customers. Close interaction with professional audio community and ability to address the hidden needs of the users as well as exploiting the enabling technologies have led to technology leadership for decades.

Countless amounts of international recognitions, including several Technical Excellence & Creativity awards, the results of professional audio user’s researches like Big Broadcast Survey (BBS) along with all encouraging feedbacks from our users are excellent indications of how Genelec is perceived as a brand.

Together with Ilpo Martikainen, the founder of Genelec, I was in an interview some years ago when we were asked how such an incredible work is done. It was well pointed out by Ilpo that “obviously our company brand is very good, very strong. Some marketing people often ask me how we have created this kind of brand. The answer is very simple – it has not been created. Instead, it has evolved as the company has focused on its core values, on the deep love of engineering that lies at its heart, and on meeting the opportunities of the future whilst retaining the traditions of the past.”

Very often, I have been thinking of his statement that indeed a real brand work could not be described better: it is about living with it, loving what we do and full dedication to all what we do. This is the foundation of any premium and sustained brand like Genelec.

Siamäk Naghian

Managing Director

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