When Creativity Fuels a Purposeful Human Community

null When Creativity Fuels a Purposeful Human Community

When Creativity Fuels a Purposeful Human Community

We were extremely delighted and thankful to receive two more prestigious Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Awards, which were announced at the 35th Annual NAMM TEC Awards event during the recent NAMM Show in California.

The TEC Awards were founded in 1985 by the publishers of Mix Magazine, and are presented by the TEC Foundation to recognise the individuals, companies and technical innovations behind the sound of recordings, live performances, films, television, video games and multi-media.

Since 1993, Genelec has been bestowed with a staggering 20 TEC Awards for our contributions to the development of audio monitoring technology. This is an exceptional accomplishment in the history of the audio industry, but nevertheless, the honour of being recognised for our role in the audio community always energises us and makes us humbler and even more determined in what we do. This year, receiving a double TEC Award for both the S360 Studio Monitor and Aural ID – a radical HRTF technology that signals a new era of vastly improved headphone monitoring – brought us extra joy and a feeling of self-actualisation.

When Creativity Fuels a Purposeful Human Community
Genelec's Juho Martikainen and Lisa Kaufmann.

Like a human being, a company should be considered as a purposeful living entity. For us at Genelec, we view the company as a human community whose success is built on its people, purpose, values and the meaning it delivers. The purpose of Genelec is to help fulfil the dreams of its users by offering them the most truthful sound reproduction possible, and this could not be possible without the continuous interaction and feedback of our users and the wider audio community. This feedback and recognition helps us measure how well we are succeeding in our mission, and how we should tune our visions and actions as we move towards the future.

In the same way that “What a man can be, he must be,” what a company can be, it too must be. At Genelec, this forms the basis of our perceived need for self-actualisation. Our desire to do everything we possibly can to discover, create and contribute to our community and its development has been at the core of the company’s philosophy since its birth in 1978. Since then, this principle has helped us to become the most that we can be.

In the meantime, creativity and innovation require the courage and determination to move through the darkness in pursuit of light. It is the captivating harmony of creativity and the excitement of discovering something unexpected that form the inner motivation in such an otherwise uncertain adventure. In this context, receiving recognition such as the TEC Awards brings us a greater confidence that we are in tune with the needs and dreams of our community and users. This is incredibly rewarding for all of us at Genelec.

Without the help of our dedicated and talented team, and our users, suppliers, distributors, dealers and community members, we could not get here. I would like to sincerely congratulate and thank you all!

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