SAM™ Master Studio Monitors

Built for power without compromising on quality, Genelec’s Master Smart monitor brings size and SAM to the world’s most demanding environments.

Meet the Master – built to exceed the expectations of the most demanding production facilities in the world, and equipped with all the benefits of Smart Active Monitoring (SAM™).

Master Smart monitors live up to their name, performing at high sound pressure levels with extremely low distortion whilst exhibiting a clean and flat on-axis frequency response. The innovative Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW™) eliminates colouring diffractions, while off-axis the Master Smart monitors produces only uncoloured sound.

Added to this are the benefits of SAM. Controlled by the proprietary Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM™) software, Master Smart monitors can be used with ground-breaking AutoCal™ to create an optimised and controlled monitoring environment. After automatic calibration, monitoring set-ups ranging from simple stereo to immersive audio will perform with the consistency upon which you rely, compensating for deficiencies in the listening environment. Any number of listening positions can be catered for, with fully recallable settings to suit your needs.

Certain to loom large in any facility, the Master Smart monitors are hard to miss. But no matter how much it catches the eye, for the listener it remains invisible.

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Installing Genelec 1236 SAM main studio monitor system in a room

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