SAM™ Compact Studio Monitors

Engineered to adapt to your requirements, Genelec’s SAM Compact range is Smart enough to meet the most demanding applications.

Designed to adapt, Genelec’s Smart Active Monitor (SAM™) Compact range draws on a suite of technologies to make the most of all modern acoustic environments.

As studio space becomes limited and listening areas more confined, so recordings are taking place in a wider variety of locations, many with minimal acoustic treatment. The Smart monitors and Smart subwoofers of the Compact Series are designed to adapt and assist.

Controlled by the proprietary Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM™) software, SAM Compact systems use ground-breaking AutoCal™ to create an optimised and controlled monitoring environment. After automatic calibration, monitoring set-ups ranging from simple stereo to immersive audio will perform with the consistency upon which you rely, compensating for deficiencies in the listening environment.

Nor are SAM Systems limited to one configuration – thanks to GLM and AutoCal, any number of listening positions can be catered for, with fully recallable settings to suit your needs.

Be Smart – let SAM take on the hard work of system optimisation, so you don’t have to.

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