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Imagine listening to your favourite music in the privacy of your home with a sound as clear and precise as if you were in a concert hall. Drawing from thirty-five years of experience in professional audio monitoring Genelec is delighted to present the Genelec G Series – a range of home speakers that combine the best sound quality, unique, minimalistic design, and ease of use.

Are you a music lover or a movie enthusiast looking to improve your home audio experience? Do you appreciate outstanding technical performance combined with functional design and high quality materials? The Genelec G Series provides you with a range of active home speakers especially designed for the home environment. The powerful Genelec G Five turns your home into a concert hall within seconds while the diminutive Genelec G One makes sure that excellent sound quality is not compromised by its size.

Outstanding audio experience – excellent performance

All G Series home speakers have practical room response controls, which allow you to easily optimise the sound for any kind of environment. The excellent performance of these active speakers makes your listening experiences extremely enjoyable. The high quality of Genelec active speakers make them your long lasting companions for decades.

Functional design

Our long-standing collaboration with award-winning Finnish industrial designer Harri Koskinen has resulted in unique yet subtle minimalistic design that blends beautifully in many different types of interiors. G Series active speakers are made of recycled aluminium, allowing the design of solid cabinet structure, leading to a flawless, clear and precise audio experience.

Ease of installation, simple to connect to your devices

Installation of all Genelec home speakers is extremely easy, thanks to our extensive selection of accessories providing multiple mounting options. The amplifiers are built into the loudspeaker and thus you have no need for external amplifiers. Genelec active speakers can be connected to your TV, computer or mobile device, or alternatively to your favourite preamplifier. It is simple and easy.

Systems for home theatres

G Series provides high-end stereo listening experience and it is therefore a perfect choice for home theatres. Our product range is wide and you can find suitable products for large installations as well. Consider also Genelec’s Architectural Series for in-wall and in-ceiling solutions.


In 1996 a bunch of like-minded friends from Kitee, a small town in the Karelia region of Eastern Finland, decided to form a band. Their idea was to play an acoustic Boy Scout style of music you used to hear around campfires. Fifteen years later, that band is an international success and Finland's ...Read more

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