null One on One with Eicca Toppinen of Apocalyptica

One on One with Eicca Toppinen of Apocalyptica

Find out how the creative process of Eicca Toppinen has been transformed with his choice of 8341 SAM™ monitors.

Formed in 1993 as a classical Metallica tribute band, Apocalyptica quickly grew to become one of Helsinki’s most famous musical exports, selling millions of albums worldwide whilst pioneering the unique genre of cello metal.

What began with a first album of covers, Plays Metallica by Four Cellos, soon developed into a powerful song writing partnership, driven at least in part by the musical creativity of co-founder and multi-instrumentalist Eicca Toppinen. Having conquered the United States as the first Finnish band to top of the US rock chart with I Don’t Care, the band’s remarkable 25 year journey recently continued as they toured the world with a special show focusing on the Metallica covers of their youth.

While Toppinen is an intense figure on stage, in his studio he is thoughtful and deeply enthusiastic about the equipment he uses. “I don’t have a formula for how to write music, that’s why I have all kinds of instruments here,” he says. “Having a different instrument as a starting point gives a different flavour to the kinds of things you write. The sounds inspires a lot.”

Toppinen’s studio may not be the ideal listening space, but his creative process has recently been transformed with his choice of 8341 SAM™ monitors from The Ones range, and the auto-calibration features within Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM™).

“I’ve never put any effort into making this room sound like a perfect studio, but now I’ve been completely blown away by calibrating with these speakers – they’ve been able to fix the room. The sound is perfect and it’s very reliable so I know that I can do mixes in here. It sounds amazing everywhere in the room, I can’t believe that it sounds so good.”

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