AES Show Fall 2020

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null AES Show Fall 2020

AES Show Fall 2020

12. - 30.10.2020

Like most exhibitions currently, AES New York is taking place virtually this month. So, as a visitor you can now participate in a host of AES show activities from the comfort of your own home, and enjoy workshops, webinars and live Zoom sessions hosted by members of the Genelec team.

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Click here to view our exhibitor page, and below you’ll find a summary of our headline activities:

Thursday 22nd October

11.00AM EST Live Zoom session with Aki Makivirta and Paul Stewart, Genelec

In this live session, Aki and Paul will discuss acoustics, monitor placement and how to maximize your listening environment.

Tuesday 27th October

10.30AM EST ‘Introducing the W371A Adaptive Woofer System’ webinar with Will Eggleston and Paul Stewart, Genelec USA.

The W371 seamlessly complements our 8341, 8351 and 8361 monitors to create a series of free-standing full-range monitoring solutions. Will and Paul will discuss why we created the W371A, who it’s designed for, and how it can transform the LF performance of your room – helping you to produce mixes that translate beautifully to other loudspeaker systems.

11.00AM EST ‘Time and Perception’ workshop featuring Thomas Lund, Genelec Senior Technologist with Marina Bosi and Karlheinz Brandenburg.

Thomas and his colleagues will summarise recent research on perception and active sensing from a pro audio perspective. Topics include overt and hidden reach-out features of listening, and how time may influence what we hear on a number of different scales.

Friday 30th October

10.00AM EST ‘Goodbye Stereo Part 2’ workshop featuring Thomas Lund, Genelec Senior Technologist with Hyunkook Lee.

Technology has long been available to record and reproduce music in more perceptually satisfactory ways than stereo. With "immersive", excellent performances can be preserved more sentiently, also for future generations to enjoy. As "stereo" is becoming a playback option, we will discuss new recording techniques, discrimination between immersion and envelopment, and how the ideals of music reproduction may differ from those of film and drama.

1:00PM EST ‘A Complete Systems Approach to Immersive Monitoring Solutions’ webinar with Paul Stewart, Genelec USA.

In order to produce high quality immersive content that translates faithfully to all playback devices, you’ll need a neutral, transparent monitoring system that is carefully optimised for your room.

To demonstrate, Paul Stewart uses this webinar to guide you through the configuration of a complete immersive monitoring system. Using Genelec Smart Active Monitors and our GLM calibration software, Paul covers all aspects of setup, connectivity and integration of both hardware and software. You’ll learn how GLM is able to configure, calibrate and control an entire immersive system to produce mixes that you can rely on every time.