G*Connect Webinar: How to tame your room’s LF with the W371

null G*Connect Webinar: How to tame your room’s LF with the W371

G*Connect Webinar: How to tame your room’s LF with the W371


Tuesday 23rd February,12:00 EST (UTC - 05)...The TEC award winning W371 Adaptive Woofer System seamlessly complements our 8341, 8351 and 8361 coaxial monitors to create a series of free-standing full-range monitoring solutions.

But… unlike a traditional subwoofer, the W371 delivers supreme directivity and control over the negative effects of your room’s acoustics.

In this webinar, Paul Stewart and Will Eggleston will show you exactly what the W371 does, and how it works. They’ll explain why we created it, who it’s designed for, and how it works closely with our new GLM 4 loudspeaker manager software to transform the LF performance of your room – helping you to produce mixes that translate beautifully to other loudspeaker systems.

Meet the Presenters

Paul is Senior Technical Sales Manager at Genelec USA. A graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Paul draws on 25 years of experience in supplying high-end production facilities and individual artists around the globe. Prior to joining Genelec, he worked as a consultant providing design expertise from equipment specification to layout and system integration. Over the years, Paul has designed and installed numerous audio systems for music recording, home theater and multi-media.

Our US Marketing Director, Will is a 25 year veteran at Genelec. His involvement with our Smart Active Monitoring range goes back to the early 2000s, when the products were first being specified. Will’s professional history spans radio-telephone engineering, live and studio TV audio production, commercial post production, music recording, studio design and product development. Will is a strong advocate for the customer who is looking to get the most out of their purchases, and in his spare time is a private pilot who frequently enjoys “just getting in the air and forgetting about everything else”.

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