G*Connect webinar: Loudspeaker placement and room acoustics

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null G*Connect webinar: Loudspeaker placement and room acoustics

G*Connect webinar: Loudspeaker placement and room acoustics


If you’d like to enjoy the best possible audio monitoring in your studio space, allowing you to create mixes that sound great everywhere, it’s important to know that good loudspeaker placement and well managed room acoustics are as vital to take care of as having high-quality monitoring loudspeakers – and calibration of the loudspeakers completes the picture.

Perhaps you’ve heard that our world-renowned Smart Active Monitors (SAM) and Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) software provide an extremely precise and easy way to automatically handle loudspeaker calibration, while GLM’s GRADE Report helps you understand how your loudspeaker placement and room acoustics are performing. These are amazing tools, yet to fully understand what calibration can and cannot do, and get the absolute most from your SAM Monitoring, it’s first good to learn the basics of loudspeaker placement and room acoustics.

So, make sure to watch our on-demand free webinar (originally live-streamed on the 4th of April 2024), where our expert host Marcel Schechter will guide you through the foundations of the subject.

During the webinar, Marcel will offer an overview of the relationship between the loudspeakers and the room, how you can implement proper loudspeaker placement, how the unwanted effects of room acoustics can be minimised and what you should look out for when designing your monitoring system and room.

Meet the host:

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Marcel Schechter

Before joining Genelec as Senior Customer Experience Specialist in 2021, Marcel had already spent seven years as a product specialist for the German distributor Audio Pro. Before that, he worked for ten years as a sound engineer, including a role at Bauer Studios in Ludwigsburg where he specialised in sound design, documentary film mixing and music production. Marcel uses his practical experience to advise customers on choosing, optimising and calibrating loudspeaker systems, and he regularly hosts workshops on the principles of room acoustics. He describes himself as an audio enthusiast, and music has accompanied him since his earliest childhood days.

G*Connect webinar: Loudspeaker placement and room acoustics