G*Connect Webinar: Choosing the right loudspeakers

null G*Connect Webinar: Choosing the right loudspeakers

G*Connect Webinar: Choosing the right loudspeakers


If you find that choosing a loudspeaker that’s a perfect match for your space is a daunting task, then you’re not alone.

We get many queries each week from customers asking for advice on which model would best suit their room, their creative process, and the way they listen to material.

So in this G*Connect webinar, Andy Bensley guides you through the process – discussing your room size, your listening distance, and the type of content you create or listen to. He explains the different technologies we offer, how to ‘dimension’ a system, and helps you understand which models might be the most appropriate for you.

Meet the presenter:

Andy first encountered Genelec loudspeakers as a student, and has spent most of his life working with them. Having worked as a studio engineer and FOH engineer, Andy spent six years with Genelec distributor Source Distribution in the UK as pro audio brand manager, before joining Genelec as Regional Business Development Manager in 2019. Andy has huge experience in analysing and improving the in-room performance of loudspeaker systems in a wide range of studios – from the smallest bedroom to the largest post production studio.

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Originally presented May 5, 2020.