Influential producer Morten Lindberg up for 2024 GRAMMY Award

null Influential producer Morten Lindberg up for 2024 GRAMMY Award

Influential producer Morten Lindberg up for 2024 GRAMMY Award

It’s our great pleasure to report that iconic Norwegian Genelec user and GRAMMY-winning sound engineer, music producer and immersive specialist, Morten Lindberg, has once again earned himself a nomination at the GRAMMY Awards – this time for the Producer of the Year Award in the classical genre.

Widely considered to be setting the quality standard for what’s possible in the immersive audio field, Lindberg has forged a formidable role as an industry pioneer and thought-leader – while remaining prolifically creative.

This latest GRAMMY nomination, his 43rd, has been announced on the strength of his production work on four recent albums: An Old Hall Ladymass by Catalina Vicens & Trio Mediæval, Thoresen: Lyden Av Arktis - La Terra Meravigliosa by Christian Kluxen & Arktisk Filharmoni, The Trondheim Concertos by Sigurd Imsen & Baroque Ensemble of the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, and Yggdrasil by Tove Ramlo-Ystad & Cantus.

With a career spanning as far back as 1992, Lindberg has used his experience to successfully run his own company, Lindberg Lyd, and record label, 2L. Specialising in high-quality recordings, the two branches of Lindberg’s business have been instrumental in providing a platform for his repertoire of Norwegian and international composers and performers to treat global audiences to exceptional listening experiences – often in immersive.

Lindberg explained in our 2021 interview with him, “Once you've experienced immersive audio, then coming back to stereo is really difficult. When I started doing recordings back in the early 90s, stereo was our perspective to work with, it was what we had. Then came surround sound in the early 2000s, and that opened up a whole new wide image to music reproduction. When we started to experiment with immersive audio, what we expected to gain with adding the height dimension was to simply increase the level of detail and resolution. How much space would be available to the instruments and to the musical lines, the size of the canvas available to the chords, and so on. But, that was not what we got. What we got was an emotional component. By adding the third dimension of the soundscape, the emotional impact to the listener was increased tenfold.”

Genelec ‘The Ones’ power Morten Lindberg’s stunning immersive studio

To ensure excellence in his post-production studio, Lindberg has chosen to deploy a Genelec 7.1.4 Smart Active Monitoring system, courtesy of seven 8351B ‘The Ones’ monitors in the bed layer, all complemented by W371A adaptive woofer systems, four of our smaller 8341A models in the height positions and a 7380A subwoofer for LFE. Additionally, an 8320A sits atop the 7380A, to provide an upwards frequency extension above 120 Hz, acting as a checkpoint into the true content of the LFE channel before it’s distributed.

“I found that the coaxial design of The Ones gives amazing imaging not only in surround, but it actually adds to the full surround and extends to the height dimension, preserving that precise detail of our source,” Lindberg continues. “All The Ones models used have full bandwidth capabilities on their own, so the intention with the W371A was really to reach down into that tactile, haptic aspect of sound, to reach down into the part of the sound experience which transitions from audio into the vibration range.”

We wish you all the best of luck at this year’s GRAMMY Awards, Morten! We’ll be watching with anticipation as the winners are announced on Sunday the 4th of February at the Crypto Arena in Los Angeles.

To find out more about Morten and his Genelec Smart Active Monitoring system, you can watch our exclusive One on One video interview below.

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