The Genelec Immersive Experience Lands In Bangkok

null The Genelec Immersive Experience Lands In Bangkok

The Genelec Immersive Experience Lands In Bangkok

Earlier this month, Bangkok in Thailand was the location for an extremely productive few days in the company of our distributors from across Asia, brilliantly hosted by our friends at Fuzion Far East.

The aim of the event was two-fold – firstly to discuss with our distribution partners the latest developments in immersive audio, audio-over-IP and loudness standards, and secondly to showcase the S360, 7382 and The Ones range to the Thai pro audio community at the amazing Studio 28 facility.

Genelec Fuzion event 2019

After a day of technical presentations at Fuzion’s headquarters, we then shifted location to the city’s spectacular Studio 28, where we created two separate 7.1.4 immersive systems to showcase how Genelec is able to deliver both large and small room immersive solutions.

In the studio’s spacious live area, the monitoring system utilised S360 monitors in all surround positions, with 8351 coaxial three-way monitors in the height layer, and a pair of 7382 subwoofers handling the LF content. This high-SPL setup enabled us to present a range of impressive music and movie material in both Atmos and Auro 3D formats to groups of around 30 guests at a time.

Then, in a separate acoustically isolated booth adjacent to the live area, we configured a small room immersive system using 8331 and 8341 coaxial models from The Ones series, alongside a 7360 subwoofer. Here, listeners could relax and enjoy music material in a more intimate studio environment.

Lastly, guests could also hear both the S360 and 8341 models being fed with a variety of streamed stereo music material in the studio’s main control room, and experience both high-SPL midfield listening through the S360, alongside the point source nearfield performance of the 8341.

After an overview of the S360, 7382 and The Ones by Aki Mäkivirta & Thomas Lund, we were delighted to be joined by Geoffrey Low and Ben Cheng from Dolby in Singapore, who gave a very informative presentation on Atmos room specifications and the DARDT design tool, followed by Wilfried van Baelen from Auro, who discussed Auro music production and immersive recording techniques.

So after giving the audience a thorough grounding in immersive audio technology and answering any questions, the rest of the evening allowed guests to evaluate Genelec monitors in all three listening environments and chat at length with the Fuzion team and Genelec personnel including Aki Mäkivirta, Thomas Lund, Anders Nyman, Mika Mäkilaakso, Clifford Pereira, Arun Kumar and Howard Jones.

Genelec would like to extend very warm thanks to Fuzion Far East, Studio 28 and all the business partners and audio professionals who took the time to join us in Bangkok. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Thailand and hope you did too!

ProAVL Asia's Richard Lawn visited our event:

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