8000-851 Empty case for one pc 8X50/8351

Peli Case 51 is a portable demo case for easy travelling and demonstrations. Case 51 has room for one 8X50/8351 plus accessories.

Whether it rains or shines, the sturdy-made and durable Peli case protects your monitors from bumps and damage during transit. The case is made from Polypropylene copolymer which is not only light weight, dust proof and water resistant, but also highly chemical resistant.

The case comes with easy-open double throw latches for fast and easy access. A rubber over-moulded handle, a rugged extendable handle, and four strong polyurethane wheels provide extreme carrying comfort. The foam insert is custom-made in Finland to ensure the perfect fit and the best possible protection for your Genelec speakers. All Peli cases come with a limited life-time warranty. Available in matte black color.


  • 8050
  • 8350
  • 8351
  • G Five
Color options:

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