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Version 5.0.4


Version 5.0.4

GLM 5.0.4 Release Note for Mac and Windows ›
GLM 5 Operating Manual ›

These versions of GLM include the new AutoCal 2 calibration algorithm. This draws on decades of user experience, providing instant access to the latest updates and our expert helpdesk, via the secure Genelec Cloud service. Please note that AutoCal 2 is only available in the Genelec Cloud.

If instead you only wish to run AutoCal locally on your computer, then the relevant AutoCal 1 files can be downloaded below (Package date 22.12.2021). Please download and install this package after you’ve installed GLM.

GLM Local AutoCal Install Package for Mac ›

GLM Local AutoCal Install Package for Windows ›

Previous versions

If you need to access previous GLM versions, you can do so here:
Previous GLM Versions ›