null First Dolby Atmos Certified production studio in the Nordics employs Genelecs

First Dolby Atmos Certified production studio in the Nordics employs Genelecs

Kalevalastudio is a studio complex located in Helsinki, Finland, focusing mainly on audio productions for the film industry.

The team handles all audio-related productions from sound design and location recordings to music composing, post-production, mixing and mastering in all possible formats.

The complex occupies about 300 m2, including several audio production facilities and control rooms all featuring Genelec monitoring systems. The main film mix room is their flagship facility, which now features an approved Dolby Atmos production setup based around a powerful Genelec Active Studio Monitoring system.

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The Genelec sales & support team was heavily involved in the design and calibration of the monitoring system, so that it could fulfill all the Dolby Atmos requirements for multichannel audio and film productions. The studio film mix room was upgraded from an earlier 7.1 monitoring setup by installing a number of additional Genelec monitors as well as custom-made mounting solutions.

The project took over 1,5 years from start to finish and was finalized with the on-site measurement and calibration as well as the Dolby Atmos license approval.

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3 x 1038A Studio Monitor
4 x 1037C Studio Monitor
20 x 1032A Studio Monitor
1 x BGW M1100 Subwoofer

The Genelec 1038A was in production between 1992 and 2003 and it has been replaced by the 1238A model.
The Genelec 1037C was in production between 2004 and 2015. It was replaced by the 1237A model.
The Genelec 1032A was in production between 1992 - 2013. It is replaced by the 1032C model.

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