6 steps to creating your Sonic Reference - Step 2: Getting started with GLM

null 6 steps to creating your Sonic Reference - Step 2: Getting started with GLM

6 steps to creating your Sonic Reference - Step 2: Getting started with GLM


To prepare for the official launch of Genelec’s new GLM 4 loudspeaker manager software, this series of 6 tutorials will guide you through every stage required to setup, calibrate and control a studio monitoring system so that it provides a true ‘Sonic Reference’, helping you produce mixes that translate consistently to other rooms and playback systems.

Aimed at engineers, creatives, and anyone who cares deeply about audio quality, this series will help your material sound exactly as you intended it – irrespective of how it is being distributed and consumed.

In this second tutorial, Darren Rose will show you how to get your monitoring system up and running using GLM loudspeaker manager software. He’ll cover:

• Installing GLM on Windows or Mac computers
• Setting up, calibrating and controlling your monitors using GLM
• Integrating a subwoofer into your monitoring system
• Genelec Smart Active Monitors, and some recommended setups
• How to combine different Smart Active Monitors to create a system
• The benefits of using GLM’s Cloud mode

Whether you’re a seasoned GLM user, or you’re simply looking to elevate the quality and reliability of your mixes, this series will give you the guidance you need to help take your work to the next level. Attendees are actively encouraged to ask questions and participate in the Q&A session at the end of each tutorial.

Immediately after each session, participants will get the chance to answer a series of online questions about the tutorial. Everyone successfully passing 4 or more modules will then receive a certificate, and will also be entered into a prize draw to win a pair of Genelec RAW 8320 Smart Active Monitors and GLM kit.

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Some basic knowledge of the purpose of audio monitoring systems and their requirements are recommended but not compulsory. As this series of tutorials progresses then access to Genelec Smart Active Monitors and GLM software is an advantage, but not essential.

Meet The Presenter

Darren Rose

Darren is a Senior R&D Specialist at Genelec, having joined the company in 2000. Graduating in Electroacoustics from Salford University in the UK, Darren has been a key figure in the design of many of Genelec’s finest products, from the diminutive 6010 to the colossal 1236. The presenter of our popular One Minute Masterclass video series, Darren’s deep technical knowledge is matched by a real-world understanding of the challenges of audio monitoring today.