The Genelec Artist Room welcomes Astillero

null The Genelec Artist Room welcomes Astillero

The Genelec Artist Room welcomes Astillero

For the first time ever, the Genelec Artist Room comes to you from South America, as the Argentinian Tango group Astillero perform three original new pieces direct to you from Buenos Aires.

Astillero’s sound is forceful, vertiginous, breathtaking, raw yet sophisticated: a rollercoaster ride of throbbing accents modulating into earthshattering pianissimos and beyond. Yet this wild sound is entirely hand-made, free of any gimmicks and 100% acoustic. What you’ll hear is purely the sound of wood and strings that manages to take the best traditions of Tango and infuse them with the experience of modern urban life.

The group features a Tango ensemble of two bandoneons, violin, piano, cello and double bass.

Astillero have created a completely new vision of this musical genre - incisive and intense, rough and violent, therefore reflecting the times we live in.

For this Artist Room session, Astillero are premiering new material from their upcoming album, performing the songs ‘Noche random’, ‘Elegía’ and ‘Vigilia’.

We hope you enjoy these songs as much as we do, and for more information about Astillero please visit

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