Event Marketing Coordinator Anne Martikainen

Hi! My name's Anne, and I work as Event Marketing Coordinator at Genelec. Perhaps we've met in person at one of the many events I've helped organise over the years!

Before joining Genelec in the spring of 2012, I used to work as a travel agent. I did that for almost 15 years, and Genelec had been a corporate client of mine. So, I already knew the company and some of its staff when I first arrived. My first role at Genelec was as a substitute office assistant, filling in for someone on job alternation leave – a way for workers to take a temporary break from their job. Soon after that, I was offered a fulltime job as a purchasing assistant. Things progressed from there, and I've been in my current role since 2015. I think it's fantastic that Genelec has allowed me to rotate my work and take on new challenges. I feel I've been allowed to develop and expand my skills while discovering new interests.

Usually, I start my working day by checking my email, and then I spend a significant amount of time in different meetings. My general tasks include planning and coordinating various internal and external events, travel-related matters and partner visits while handling a range of internal communications and maintaining a stock of promotional items. I also collaborate often with our other teams. One of the best things about my job is that I get to work with many different people. Also, a diverse set of tasks makes my work meaningful and interesting, ensuring every day is a bit different. My job also demands flexibility, autonomy and problem-solving skills from me. The plans I make don't always work perfectly, and changes can come at short notice, so I need to be prepared to think on my feet from time to time.

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Every Genelec event we've put together has been memorable. I have to thank the wonderful colleagues I work with for this, who've each had a different role to play. Their strong professionalism and helpfulness make it possible to carry out so many fantastic events for our staff, clients and partners. For me, the biggest payback from successful events is always the happy faces of those attending. In addition to making events happen, my career has also given me the great pleasure of working with an amazing list of clients, partners, artists, performers, sound engineers and more.

My immediate family is my spouse, four children and our soon-to-be-12-year-old chihuahua, Tahvo. My two oldest children have already moved away from home, and the two youngest are now teenagers. We have a detached house in a small village north of Iisalmi – the Finnish town where Genelec has had its headquarters since 1978. Our property borders a forest where you can pick berries and mushrooms in the autumn. From our backyard, you can also get easily onto nearby hiking trails, either by foot or by bike.

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Over the years, I've managed to balance my career nicely by spending quality time with my family and pursuing a variety of hobbies. I regularly go to do spinning, boxing, yoga and Latinomix dance classes. Occasionally, my husband and I enjoy some time we've arranged just for the two of us, which is usually a short holiday or concert. In the summer, we enjoy festivals, cycling and riding motorbikes.

I believe that taking sustainability into account wherever possible shows a great level of care and responsibility. In my work at Genelec, this is reflected, for example, in how we source our promotional items and organise events. When purchasing promotional items, I always favour eco-labelled, sustainable and ethically produced goods. When organising events, we strive as a company for the highest possible reuse and recycling of materials, we strongly favour local and organic food, and we minimise food waste. Additionally, we now organise some events virtually, which leads to a lighter carbon footprint, avoiding emissions from travel, logistics, energy and catering.

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Greetings from a colleague

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Anne for more than ten years now. Her input has been so incredibly valuable for planning and executing all our events, and she’s taken great care of our travel arrangements and promotional items. Anne has the fantastic ability to simultaneously keep on top of multiple projects. I've often needed to rely upon her work and have always been impressed with her consistency in handling everything professionally and as agreed. I’ve found it fun that the two of us are united by our love of dogs, often exchanging stories about our canine friends when we have a moment.

A very warm thank you for being a cherished colleague, Anne!

Your colleague, Mari Primetta