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Addicted to Genelec. Enjoy these featured artists and studios from the world of Genelec.

Mat Playford on his Genelecs, riding wild animals – and clumsy baggage handlers

Story Restaurant Writes a New Chapter with Genelec

4000 Series loudspeakers perform at Story Kortteli in Helsinki.

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Osaka Sounds as Good as It Tastes with Genelec

Genelec audio solution ensures superb sound reproduction to accompany delicious food at one of the finest restaurants in Lima.

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Genelec Joins the Party at Trio of Warsaw Restaurant Bars

Located in the heart of Warsaw, Poznaska is a hotbed of social activity, with a booming bar and restaurant scene con tributing to the area’s vibrant nightlife. A trio of stylish and eclectic restaurant bars – Beirut Hummus & Music Bar, Kraken and Grizzly Gin Bar – line up next to each other on this lively street, and all three feature premium sound systems which use Genelec speakers. 

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Red Bull Music Academy - Montreal

The Red Bull Music Academy is a world-traveling music creation adventure that occurs once a year in early fall at various large city locations around the world. Red Bull Music’s home base is in Berlin, Germany with another in Cologne. Last year the academy took place in Paris and the year before, Tokyo.  This year, for their 19th season, they chose Montreal, Canada. A hired team overtakes a building, guts offices, and brings in furniture, acoustic panels, wires, amps, musical instruments, and other studio gear including 20 Genelec 8040B Active Studio Monitors, to transform the environment into a working, collaborative musical jungle. 

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27 and still going strong – Tony Cousins’ Genelec S30s

Tony Cousins has been at the forefront of the UK mastering scene for as long as anyone can remember, starting as a cutting engineer at Townhouse Studios in 1980 and then progressing to become one of the founders of London’s Metropolis Mastering in 1993, alongside Ian Cooper and Tim Young.  With the aim of creating audio ‘to a standard never previously achieved’, Tony and his colleagues have gone on to firmly establish Metropolis as a global force in music mastering.

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Since 2013, this talented DJ-producer duo have been doing their thing all over the globe, and have cemented themselves in the top tier of the DJ Mag Top 100 list. As impressive as that is in such a short time, they remain humble in their approach to their art: “To be honest, we find it unbelievable that we’re really doing this, making our living by doing what we love more than anything,” says Thom Jongkind. We dig a little deeper, chatting music, studios, and giant speakers.

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Crown Lane – are Eco Studios the future?

Ten years ago, John Merriman and his wife Ruth narrowly escaped with their lives after their car was swept into a river during a storm. That experience set in motion a train of events that led to both of them quitting their day jobs, starting a family, setting up a studio, and wholeheartedly embracing the world of sustainability. 

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Clubbing TV

Clubbing TV based in Paris is the world's first and only 24/7 HDTV music & lifestyle channel exclusively dedicated to Electronic Music, DJ's and Dance Music Culture.

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Dead by April

Dead by April is a Swedish Metal band from Gothenburg, formed in February 2007 by Pontus Hjelm and Jimmie Strimell.

The studio features Genelec 1237As flush mounted in the wall and 8030A nearfield monitors. The studio acoustics has been designed by the local veteran studio designer Claes Olsson.

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