The Genelec Artist Room welcomes Amorphis

null The Genelec Artist Room welcomes Amorphis

The Genelec Artist Room welcomes Amorphis

Few heavy metal bands boast the sheer musical creativity that has characterised the career of Finnish metal titans Amorphis. Formed in Helsinki in 1990, the band have thrived across three decades with frequent reinventions, line-up changes and new musical influences ranging from death metal to folk. Yet even as their fame has grown the band have remained uniquely Finnish, drawing inspiration from Finland’s epic poem, the Kalevala.

Over the last year, Amorphis have been touring the world in support of their 2018 album Queen of Time – the first record to feature all four original band members since their 1994 breakthrough album Tales From The Thousand Lakes.

Nevertheless, they took a break between sold-out shows to visit us in the Genelec Artist Room, delivering three exclusive performances, all powered by Genelec 1234 and 8351 studio monitors.

Amorphis - My Kantele

Amorphis - Silent Waters

Amorphis - Far from the Sun

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