8430A enables experiencing the world of audio-over-IP

null 8430A enables experiencing the world of audio-over-IP

8430A enables experiencing the world of audio-over-IP

The world is changing. One of the big changes causing a revolution to how we do things is the use of the Internet. We talk about networking. While network is in everyone’s pocket and desktop now, and we daily stream audio and video, for a long time we thought that this change would not touch upon the way record and edit audio. Now, this is rapidly changing with the proliferation of the AES67 standard.

AES67 defines how devices can send and receive audio streams from devices made by any other manufacturer. The always available standard level is the trustworthy, professional 24-bit resolution at 48 kHz sampling rate with 1.0 ms end-to-end delay in the network and a maximum of eight channels. This is always available by all devices.

The best quality available in AES67 is 96 kHz sampling frequency with the end-to-end latency of about 12 micro-seconds. This already offers high-resolution presentation.

The AES67 standard is now in its fifth version, and the adoption of this standard is now spreading fast. In order to ensure real-life compatibility, the Audio Engineering Society is organizing plug fest events where interoperability is tested.

The latest plug fest took place in London in February, organized by the BBC. Genelec’s 8430 was tested against devices and software from about 40 different manufacturers. I was witnessing this testing that took about three days to complete, and the experience for very convincing indeed. Not only were connections made and interoperability worked in real life, but this testing was also a testament of the high quality of streaming professional audio over the IP network using the AES67 standard with excellent clock accuracy.

Genelec 8430A is the first monitoring loudspeaker in the industry to enable direct monitoring of audio-over-IP streams. We have experience with it working with all major players in the industry. We have installed systems single monitors to 40 monitors in one reproduction system.

Experiences with 8430A help understanding the present major transition on-going in the professional audio industry with the audio connection moving to the IP networking. A lot of our partners have joined in the exploration and are now able to offer to their clients inroads into this new exciting technology.

Let me call you to join in and start exploring the new way of getting connected, without the traditional limitations and with better quality than ever. The 8430A will open you direct access to experience this new world.

Aki Mäkivirta

R&D Director

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