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Big Ear Christmas Challenge

1. - 27.12.2020

Many thanks to all of you who took part in our Christmas ‘Song for Santa’ Challenge, in conjunction with Big Ear Games.

The aim of the challenge was to create a festive tune using Big Ear’s music creation app, then post it to Instagram or YouTube - and tag us!

We’re delighted to announce that the winner was Giovana Gabriel, with her latin-flavoured ’Christmas in Brazil’ tune.

Giovana says “I'm a beginner in Composing and Sound Design, but I’m mainly inspired by Brazilian music, Samba and Afro-Brazilian rhythms. Christmas in Brazil is an example of these rhythms: Drums playing Afrobeat and percussion accompanying.

“In Brazil, Christmas is a time to bring our family together, and we have a specific cuisine for this occasion. It’s also time to exchange gifts and see friends again. And of course, music can never be missing from festivities, especially at Christmas!”

Commenting on the Big Ear app, she says “I got to know Big Ear through Genelec and it's the best thing I’ve found to help me study composing, and understand music in general with simplicity. I’ve already recommended it to everyone I know, and the kids loved it too!”

As winner, Giovana will be receiving a pair of 8010 Studio Monitors, and she’s excited about the prospect of adding them to her home set-up. “These Genelec speakers will be fundamental for my development as a Sound Designer, as this brand is very famous for delivering sound with high fidelity. And I will also be able to listen to Brazilian music like never before!”

Congratulations to Giovana - and thanks again to everyone who participated.