G*Connect Webinar: An introduction to networked audio

null G*Connect Webinar: An introduction to networked audio

G*Connect Webinar: An introduction to networked audio


Network based IP-audio has reshaped the way we design audio systems. Scalability, cost-effective cabling, versatile signal routing and powerful system management are key features of a networked AV system. Now, with the emergence of PoE, we’re also able to distribute power over the same network. There have never been so many possibilities for the AV installer.

So in this G*Connect webinar, Markus Kahelin guides you through the basic concept of an IP-network based audio system for AV installations. He explains the main features and benefits of using network based audio distribution, and how PoE has made loudspeaker technology such as Genelec Smart IP possible.

This webinar is targeted at those wanting a solid grounding in this fast-moving area of technology for AV installations, or for those simply wishing to refresh their knowledge.

Meet the presenter:

Markus has a long history of using and designing audio systems for a wide range of applications, from drama theatre and performing arts, to large scale AV installations. He has a Masters degree in sound design, and has also studied networked communication systems and electrical engineering. Markus joined Genelec in 2008 and has played an important role in developing Genelec’s AV installation range. As Technology Service Manager, he currently handles project support and technical education activities worldwide.

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Originally presented May 26, 2020.